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We Help Business Owners Architect Generational Wealth Safely and Predictably

You’ve worked hard to build something from nothing. Now you want to protect your wealth, enjoy it yourself, and pass it on to your family.

We help you ensure that none of your hard work goes to waste. We give you the knowledge, tools, and strategies to build and pass on a generational wealth legacy.

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Get two books from our founder, Michael Isom, to learn in depth how we help you protect, grow, and pass on wealth.

How We Architect Your Wealth with the AIS Triangle

We architect your wealth safely and predictably within the framework of our core philosophy. This is comprised of the three points of the AIS triangle:
Asset, Investment, Strategy.

Your #1 ASSET is You

Not your business or any investment. YOU. That is the first asset we focus on both protecting and growing.

Your #1 INVESTMENT is Your Business

Your number one investment is your business/career. Not a stock or piece of real estate. Before looking for outside investments, we first help you optimize your business cash flow and wealth.

Your #1 STRATEGY is Guaranteed, Protected, & Liquid

Our core strategy is to do everything we can to minimize risk and give you safety and control. This means using products that are guaranteed, protected, and liquid.

We Show You How to Leverage Insurance to Maximize Your Quality of Life and Architect Generational Wealth

The poor and middle-class view insurance as just a necessary evil. A line-item expense that does nothing for them unless something catastrophic happens.

But the wealthiest individuals, families, and institutions understand the power of insurance. They leverage it to grow, protect, and unlock their wealth while their alive, and pass it on when they die.

In an ideal financial plan, you are able to:

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Minimize risk and prevent loss of money.


Earn a rate of return on your money.


Minimize taxation on the money you accumulate.


Minimize taxation on the money you distribute.


Have money available that you can use throughout your life.


Have a systematic flow of money into your plan.


Have contingencies for death, disability, emergencies, and unforeseen factors.


Have economic certainty.


Have the flexibility to make changes to your plan.

We help you do all of this with a strategy that integrates properly structured and optimally funded whole life insurance.

Life Insurance

We help you protect your human life value and maximize your wealth.

Disability Insurance

We ensure that your family will be taken care of if you’re disabled.


We help you convert accumulated wealth into cash-flowing wealth.

Our Story

I’m Michael Isom, the founder of Vault AIS. I wish I could tell you that our firm was the result of a series of brilliant decisions on my part.

The reality is that it was the result of me learning lessons the hard way.

Thankfully, my hard-learned lessons have translated into wisdom and results for my clients.

Get Your FREE Hardcover Books

Get two hardcover books from our founder, Michael Isom, What Would the Rockefellers Do? (with Garrett Gunderson) and What We’re Worth.

In these books, you’ll discover the secrets of the ultra-wealthy for protecting, growing, and passing on wealth for generations.

Our Clients Say:

“The more I fully grasp the concept of cash flow insurance and leveraging my whole life insurance plan as the foundation for my family legacy the more I see the impact I can have on generations to come for my family. This is inspiring and I’m grateful for AIS for reaching these concepts. I’m not where I want to be but I see a path forward and I’m clear of the immense value I can bring to my legacy through this process.”

— Joey G.

“Michael and his team are True Professionals! Transparency was the thing I loved most about their approach to creating a financial plan together, and his ability to explain complex policies and programs in a way that is easily understandable. Thank you for such great service!!!”

— Mark C.

“We have been part of the vault AIS for 2 years and it has completely change my relationship with money and finances. I have went from scarcity in my bank account and mindset to now thinking in terms of abundance and prosperity. I have a different mindset on Legacy and realizing that this is the number one driver for me showing up to work everyday for me, my marriage and my family.”

— Jesse

“The process has been easy and I like it. It gives me a good overall view of my financial picture and to make sure things are going according to plan to reach my goals. If I ever have any questions or unexpected issues arise I can just ask and I will get an answer to solve the issue and I then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

— Donna

“On an elementary level, the program has introduced us to a new way of looking at savings and how to leverage “our stuff” better. Having the peace of mind that we are saving and providing a financial foundation for our kids that we did not have ourselves is rewarding….”

— Jeff

“Understanding how to leverage the power of security and Human Life Value has been immeasurable. Having my money work for me and in line with my core values allows the security needed to take risks in business and invest in myself and business so production is enhanced greatly. I highly recommend Mike to all my colleagues, friends and family!”

— Shannon

Why Choose Us?

We Help You Enjoy Your Wealth Today and Still Leave a Generational Legacy
We are not product-pushers. Our passion is helping you architect sustainable, generational wealth.
We Literally Wrote the Book on the Best Method for Architecting Sustainable Wealth!

What Would the Rockefellers Do? reveals the plan used by the wealthiest individuals, families, and institutions to protect, grow, and perpetuate wealth for generations.

We’ve Learned the Hard Way What Not to Do
After losing $4.8 million in personal savings and $10 million in client’s money in a speculative investment, Michael vowed to apply what he had learned to earn it all back. In the process, Michael has learned invaluable lessons that help our clients every day.
Decades of Experience and Highly-Specialized Training
Our founder, Michael Isom, has been in the life insurance industry since 2000. During that time, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advanced and highly-specialized training to learn the most sophisticated wealth building strategies.
We Maximize Your Benefits, Not Our Commissions
You can trust that we will always do the right thing for you, regardless of our commissions.
Educational Approach and No High-Pressure Sales Tactics
We’re not here to sell you. We’re simply here to educate you on your options. Once you fully understand your options, you’ll make the right decision for you.
Simplified Expertise in Overfunded Whole Life Insurance
We’ve mastered the art of simplifying intricate concepts, making them easily digestible for our clients.
Versatile Coverage Options
Beyond life insurance, our expertise extends to disability insurance, long-term care, annuities, and more.

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