Why we started with #1 Asset

Vault AIS™ Origin

For years I searched for a time-tested financial model.

A financial model that would allow a person to create financial independence.

A financial model not dependent upon Wall Street.

A financial model that empowers a person every day they wake up.

This is why I created The AIS Triangle™.

The most efficient financial model in the market.

It starts with you.

Yes, you.

You are your #1 Asset.

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

I am committed to the possibility of 100% confidence in knowing exactly where I am and where I want to go.

We all know and acknowledge NO ONE is coming to save us.

This is why we ask each one of you if there is a family inheritance coming.

Even then, would money be a blessing or a curse? Hmmm food for thought, right?

When I committed to financial security for myself and my family it all started.
I am the problem and, good news, I am also the solution.

And you are too. Lol

You are and always have been.

And, yes, you always will be.


It’s in our self-interest to think this way.

We know that when we commit to a life of learning we are stimulated aka fulfilled.

Right? Think over your life.

When have you been the most fulfilled?

It is when you are working towards something. Thinking, asking, what would it take? Who would I have to become?

We are fulfilled and we create the most for those around us when we own this.

I am a lifelong learner.

Are you?

Financial independence begins with you.

Yes, you.

Own this and prosper.

Questions to ask yourself:

Where am I?
Where do I want to go?

Spend the most time here.

Honesty in knowing exactly where you are.

With your numbers and in any other area of your life. Personally and Professionally.
With your kids, relationships etc.
All areas of your life.

Then, set a clear target.

Think back over your life once again.

Think about all the accomplishments in your life.

Get clarity on exactly what you wanted.

Does this evolve? Yes.

We want it too. This allows us to continue to grow, to create, and to expand.

This is living.

Not sure?

Test it to know.

I know.

I want you to know, also.
In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™