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I guarantee you that if your child was in a building and it was on fire, it would be full on “commitment” to getting them out.

So, where is that level of “commitment” in your life today?

What’s going on?

Are you dreaming?

Start dreaming again!

What do you really want?

If money was no object and you could create whatever you wanted to create,
What would it be?

It starts with gaining clarity on where you want to go.

What’s the target you’re going after?

ask yourself those questions,

“If money was no object what would I want?”

Get together with your spouse.

Come together on this personal financial plan and ask yourself:

“What do we want?”
  • What reserves do we want to have?
  • Where are we currently taking risks with our cash?
    • Is this working?
    • Does it support our #1 Asset
    • Does it support the #1 Investment in our life?
  • What does protection look like for us?
    • What would be ideal?
  • What about having FUN?
  • What will bring us the most happiness as satisfaction?

Start actually putting some numbers to the dream.

Allow yourself to go down that path.

It takes that clarity of where you want to go, and then add commitment.


You can be interested in all this,
“Yes, I’m interested in…”

But are you committed?

Gain clarity on what you want, why you want it.

What’s the significance of why you want that in your life?

Then commit.

A ruthless commitment to that goal.

There have been times in your life where you’ve just been interested in things and well, you got the results of that.

It takes a ruthless commitment and it’s that same commitment in doing the heavy lifting and the work in our own personal life.

  1. Go down that road,
  2. allow yourself to dream,
  3. allow yourself to look at what you want to create in your life.

At Vault AIS™, we’re going to guide you through some of those areas.

This plan of wealth in your life is going to assist you and stabilize abundance, so you can create more than ever before in prosperity.