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Anything that has to do with exchange is, in fact, a form of money.

How do you view money?

We’ve narrowed it down to three specific mindsets:

  2. AWAKE
  3. AWARE

What do you want with money?

How do you treat money?

How do you view money?

Is the way you think about money the same as the way you WANT to think about money?

Watch my personal story and how I learned to use life lessons for good.

Where are you in your personal belief with yourself?

How do you view others?

How you view yourself and others directly affects how you view money.

Which of the following 4 paragraphs describes you?

And what one describes where you want to be?

You are ASLEEP

You live check to check and it doesn’t matter how much money you make; it is assured that you will find a way to spend what you have. Your Cash Flow is inconsistent and unpredictable, and your Savings is nonexistent. If one catastrophic event occurred, you know you would be wiped out. You are driven by Scarcity to produce and have no Plan or your money beyond making sure you have enough to pay the bills in your business and personal life. If you are honest, your Business, Bills and Bank account own you and you have little to no control of your money, it controls you.

You are AWAKE

You have transcended the Check to Check lifestyle and have actually got a small reserve in place. Your Cash Flow is more predictable then it has ever been before. Your Saving Side of money is actually starting to look possible. You are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of Scarcity but still have no plan for your money beyond making sure that you are paying the Business and Personal Bills. And saving a small amount each month. No longer do you feel controlled by your money and you are starting to feel like you control it.

You are AWARE

You have established a solid Cash Flow. A Savings Plan that is actually in play. You are finding your mind opening to the possibilities of prosperity beyond abundance. You are starting to change your stand with money and instead of it being some kind of a mystery to you it has become one of your greatest employees. You are no longer worried month to month about being able to pay the Bills of the Business or your Personal life. This fact has allowed you to begin considering a bigger future. Maybe for the very first time in your life.


You live in absolute abundance with money. You have learned & executed the art and science of Planning, Saving, Investing and Leverage of your money. You have clearly defined beliefs, a vision and a purpose around having and leveraging money inside of your plan and this allows you maximum control and liquidity on your terms and no one else’s. Your Cash Flow is predictable and expanding monthly while your Savings and Liquid Cash amounts continue to remain not only secure but continue to be leveraged by you to produce even more. You are driven by Prosperity to continue to Produce. The “Protect what you have built” by planning for today and tomorrow now gives you power more than ever before.

(This is one of the 10 short but profound questions found in the Vault AIS™ self-assessment.)

Believe in yourself.

In your abilities.

In your personal production.

Start thinking about money abundantly,

Start creating in prosperity,

And start viewing money as this beautiful medium of exchange that we get to use to build ourselves and those around us.