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It’s 9pm as I write this.

I came down with Bronchitis just over a week ago.

I’m sitting on a sofa recliner propped up to avoid unnecessary coughing… along with the greatest likelihood of some sleep.

This is my first experience with bronchitis like this.

Not only that, but I also cracked a tooth down to the bone last week while on a family vacation in Cancun.

Unpleasant for sure.

That tooth was extracted Monday morning.

Now, I’m foggy and low energy, with near zero drive.

If you’ve ever experienced bronchitis, the coughing is enough to drive you nuts. At least it has me at times.

Especially when it’s 3am.

I canceled several full days of client appointments at Vault AIS

The Mobbin race team is prepping for the last race of the season, and my co-driver, James, is making the final pre-run of the year without me.
Sucks right?

Only if I think it does.

So many incredible things have come from this.

First of all, to my dear sweet, loving, nurturing wife, Wendy, thank you for all you have done, are doing, and continue to do for me.
You have been my saving grace.
To my team back at the Vault AIS, thank you for making miracles happen despite me not being there.
I appreciate it and I know our clients do also.
As I seek to increase my capacity as a CEO, a husband, a father, an off-road racer, along with so many other areas I push myself in, I am reminded…

I am reminded as to the importance of a healthy immune system.

It’s one thing to grow a business and increase value in the marketplace; it’s another to actually maintain and sustain it.

Not increasing my capacity with my immune system can stop me dead in my tracks, just like it did last week and this week.

A greater focus on preventative maintenance is key.

Like our personal health and wellness is that of our financial health.

Are you doing all you can to keep a healthy immune system both physically and financially?

Not sure?
Has it been a while since your last checkup?

Click here and take our free assessment to find out.  

I created this assessment for me to check myself often.
Now it’s yours to use as well.

A checklist of sorts, just like the health checklist I received from my DC.

There, I found that I needed more vitamin D than I was currently taking along with a few other tweaks here and there…

Okay, I’m back.
I had to get up from the excessive coughing that I just experienced.
Damn it, it hurts. Hacking so hard like that.
Honey and pineapple here I come.

Similar to the pain of excessive coughing can be the pain of not being strategic with our money life.

The uncertainty when we relinquish control of a dollar. Gambling with our life savings.

Financial Bronchitis = Gambling with our money.

You can prevent financial bronchitis just as simply as taking more vitamin D and increasing your immune system.

The AIS Triangle™ works in every area of your life.  Physical health included.

  • You are your #1 Asset
  • Your business or Career is your #1 Investment
  • Having it all protected in a Vault is your #1Strategy

Working with Vault AIS™ is your key to avoiding Financial Bronchitis.