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I have written a lot on this one over the years.

To be absolutely clear, your Business/Career has been and will always be your #1 Investment.

Do you see this?

Do you own this?

Are you leveraging this daily?

Stop, stop, stop, are you hearing me?

Why do you think so many people do not see this? Not you, but others you know.

In the past, I didn’t see this.

I put time, money, and energy into other areas where I had no knowledge, interest, expertise, and/or passion.

I was simply gambling.

Gambling! A zero-sum game.

I was sedating.

I did not see the correlation.

Think about where all the money has come from up to this point in your life.

The area where you have the most:

  • control,
  • knowledge,
  • expertise,
  • passion,
  • experience,
  • purpose.

Is this not your business/career?

Can’t wait to get out of your career?

Hate what you’re doing?

Is this a sign?

Feel stuck? 

No wonder you are willing to invest money outside of your control and gamble.

What are you doing about it?

What do you want?

If it were possible, what would you do?

We, here at Vault AIS™, acknowledge that our business/career is, has been, and will always be our #1 Investment.

With this understanding, we are empowered.

Empowered to create more in this area than ever before.

Investing in more marketing, sales, systems, processes, and leadership than ever before.

Increasing our own personal stock value.

Investing in people. Well, now there’s an idea. 

Invest in people.

People are assets, things are not.

Investing to increase our HLV assets.

Human Life Value.

HLV is the source and creator of all PV.

Property value.

Want more cash?

Here is the formula:

  • Increase your HLV
  • Leverage your HLV in the market to create more value
  • Exchanging with others.

Seriously, what are you doing outside of your career to increase your personal stock value?

Do you read books on your trade?

Invest time, money, and energy to increase your ability to create within your area of expertise.

Imagine if, in your area of expertise, you came to the table with ideas of greater efficiency within your area of expertise.

Do all of this to fulfill you first.

Knowing that as you do you will create the most for those around you.

The AIS Triangle™

You are your #1 Asset.
Your business/career is your #1 Investment.

Next week?

Yes, #1 Strategy. 
What to do with the cash that you are not able to invest into your #1 Asset and #1 Investment. 

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™