This Saturday marks the 13-year anniversary of a plane crash
that killed three of my friends and business partners.

Only days before their fatal flight I made the exact same
flight with the same expert pilot.

Death is not something we can mortally escape, it’s also not
comfortable to talk about…

This morning I found out, once more, how near it can come…

I received a note from a friend who is my age & my build,
who takes his fitness to a high level…

  • Working out
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Eating smart

He came home from the gym and had a pain in his chest.

Within a short time, he was in the emergency room, and then
under the surgeon’s knife…

One of his arteries was 100% blocked.

The miracle of modern medicine saved his life with a stint.

How grateful he is today to continue to build his legacy.

Healthy, Active, Smart…

Part of his smarts?

Having contingencies in place, having the hard conversations,
taking the guess work out of his legacy, and using a Vault.

Turn knowledge into wisdom by discovering where you are
today in your mind.

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