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There is one certainty in life…

And that is DEATH.

Yes, you are going to die one day.

Just like me…

And everyone else on this planet.

I was woken up to this reality back in August 2017 during a day 2 event called “Warrior Week”.

17 men, including myself, sat around 3 gravesites of children that all passed away on the exact same day.

It was during this time that we were told a poem titled “The Dash.”

The Dash spoke about not the beginning or end our lives…but the time in between.

The conversation that took place afterward changed the trajectory of my life…

We began talking about LEGACY and how we were truly spending “our dash.”

Were we really doing everything we wanted to do?
Were we having the impact that we truly wanted to have on our family and community?
Were we the person that we truly desired to be?

This experience truly woke me up to the realities in my life.

And I share this message with you today because I want to invite you to partake in an exercise with me.

I invite you to write out your obituary.

Yes, you read that correctly.Click below to write out your obituary.

Write out what YOU WANT people to be saying about you when your time on this earth does come to an end.

What type of man or woman do you want to be known as?To yourself.
To your family.
To your friends.
To your community.

Yes, this will be uncomfortable.

And it’s supposed to be…

Because it’s doing things like this that wake you up to how you are spending your “dash”.

And it creates massive clarity on where you are at and where you want to go!

So, do the exercise.

You just might be surprised at what comes to you.

And at the end of the day…

We all have one life to live…

But if you work it right…

Once is enough my friend.
In Prosperity,
Jace Young
Vault AIS™