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3 Core Values for the New Year

1. Self-Reliance

2. Economic Independence

3. Liberty of Conscious


Financial freedom to me is the ability to create, expand and grow.

It is when money is never the primary reason or excuse for doing or not doing something in our lives.

It’s the mindset of,

1. Do I really want this?

2. Ok, what would it take? (such a powerful questions or ask ourselves)

Then we go to work.



  • Productivity is the key to progress.
  • Profit is the evidence of value created in the market.
  • Exchange creates wealth. We only give up what we have when we value what we are getting more.
  • Dollars follow value created for others. Value is perception.
  • “It is never principled to say, I created value for you”.
  • We don’t determine the value, they do.
  • Are we producing more than we consume? If we are this is a producer.
  • Consumers consume more than they produce.
  • Human Life Value is the source and creator of all property value.
  • Expand your human life value in order to create more property value. It’s a simple formula.
  • People are assets things are not.
  • Material things have no intrinsic value.
  • Everyone has the capacity to value and be valued.
  • Seek to value yourself and others around you.
  • Perspective determines action.
  • Study, meditate and raise awareness to be conscious.
  • Agency = Stewardship.
  • Our happiness has to do with our own choices. Not in others. Not in changing others but in changing ourselves. Our thinking. Our story.
  • Faith begins with self-interest. Our quest in life is to find what we want 1st. ——-It’s ok.——-

It’s the beginning of how to find joy in our lives and the ability to create the most for others.

I absolutely love my life.

Every area of it.

This is true freedom.

This is my why heading into 2016.

What is yours?

What do you want it to be?

Are you clear about it?

I am happy to revisit this and anything else you may want to visit about as it pertains to your personal wealth and insurance strategies.

I wish you all a prosperous New Year.



Michael Isom