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I’m reminded this morning, as I prepare myself mentally and physically, what it takes to succeed at a high level.

Yes, that’s how I start each day.

I create the environment conducive to the results I want in life.
Do you?

Some call this their “power hour.”

Hal Elrod, the author of “The Miracle Morning” and famous podcast host, empowers individuals to do this also.

Garrett J White founder of Wake Up Warrior created a concept called Core 4.

I hit my Core 4 before I hit the door.

I know that when I wake up early, exercise at a high level, fuel my body with a green smoothie, write deliberately in appreciation and celebration along with meditation. Followed by direct messages to my wife Wendy and kids Kennedy and Kadin. Then, read and/or create something in my business life it creates the environment conducive to the results I want.

The Formula:

  1. Exercise
  2. Green smoothie
  3. Write with appreciation
  4. Meditation
  5. Direct messages to family
  6. Read / Create something in business.

Yes, it takes work, but it works.

Ha, it works when I work it.


Yes, money. Your money life.

What are you doing with your money that is and will continue to create the environment conducive to the results you want?

When you’re clear about #1 Asset and #1 Investment in your life?  Then the #1 Strategy with your money is clear also.

Not so clear for you?

Let’s see if I can assist.

You now know based on the last two weeks emails that the greatest, highest probability for success in your life both personally and professionally is for you to see yourself as the #1 Asset and your business/career as your #1 Investment.

Then, when it comes to saving cash outside of your business is to keep it in a Vault.

A Vault?

Yes, a Vault.

What comes to your mind when you think of a Vault?

  • Secure?
  • Safe?
  • Protected?
  • Liquid?
  • Bullet Proof?

How about Guaranteed?

Apple reported November of 2017 $268 Billion in cash reserves. Valued at over 600B they were holding that much in reserves.

What can we learn from this?

Cash Is King!

Imagine a life where you are hungry on a daily basis to expand your mind.

Daily you are stimulated at high levels to create within your business/career.

And what allowed you this clarity was large amounts of cash guaranteed, protected, and liquid.

This is the highest most profitable way to create wealth.

Personally and professionally.

Living wealthy.

Are you living wealthy in your life?

You can.

That is why I created Vault AIS™.

For you and those around you to benefit from this money life that is possible for each one of us.