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Producers value organization and being prepared.

This week I am heading off to race in the world-famous Vegas to Reno desert race.

Over 500 miles of hot, dusty Nevada desert!

With that many harsh miles, plans can sometimes shift.

  • A flat tire
  • A broken axle
  • A failed shock-absorber

But when you are organized and prepared for the variables in a race like this, there is little stress associated with the “what ifs”

The variables simply become part of the race.

Part of the FUN!

The same goes for your finances.

Can variables show up that impact your financial plan?


But when you are organized and prepared, the variables simply become part of life’s race.

The race of life is meant to be fun!

Are you leveraging all of your preparation and organization to discover all of the beautiful parts of life?

If not, you may be missing out on a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Want to know how to have more satisfaction in your financial life?

Watch this short 7 min video about preparation and organization.

Then take the Financial Self-Assessment to see if you are as prepared as you could be in 10 areas of your financial health.

Remember you are your #1 Asset!

Your #1 Investment is the business you own or your career.

And the #1 Strategy in the market today is keeping the cash, that you are going to relinquish control of, in a Vault secured by the AIS Triangle™