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There are 6 human “needs” that we all experience.

6️⃣ And we’ll go to great lengths in order to get these needs fulfilled. 🚀

In this video, I’ll show you how Tony Robbins’ “6 human needs” translate into your financial bottom line.

😎 The basic reasons why you do what you do.

They guide want what you want…
And what you work to achieve.

When put under the lens of the AIS Triangle™ we can leverage these 6 needs to put more cash into your pocket!

One of the needs is Variety

🍫 That’s right we crave some uncertainty, some “RISK”

We want it, and we need it.

🤦🏼‍♂️That’s why we sometimes do stupid shit with our money…

We want a level of uncertainty,

It can be thrilling.  🎢

Here is how to achieve that money thrill without blowing it…

Watch this short 10 min video to uncover all 6 needs as well as how to fill them in your financial life today.
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Understand this and make significantly more money than you’ve ever made.

Hello, my name is Michael G Isom, and I’m the founder and creator of Vault AIS™ in the AIS triangle™.

Understand what?

Make more money. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, that’s up to you to decide. Did you know that there are six human need? There’s four basic human needs and two higher spiritual needs. We will go to the nth degree in our life to fulfill them.

There are reasons why each one of us, do what we do in every area of our life. There are reasons why someone commits suicide. There are reasons why someone works their ass off in their career. There are reasons why people serve other people. There are reasons why people get married and have kids. There are reasons why behind everything that we do. Understanding these human needs and how they  applies to money in our life, and the AIS triangle™ will assist you in earning, saving and enjoying your financial life more than ever before.

The first basic human need is certainty.

We seek a certain amount of certainty in our life in many different forms. I’ve learned this from Tony Robbins, I enjoy this part of his podcast. We’ll put the link below of this podcast that I’m referencing in this video today and how it applies to AIS is what I’m going to be sharing with you.

The first human need that all of us seek out there today is certainty. We want a certain amount of certainty in our life. For some of us, we do things more than other things in our life to have that certainty in our life.

The second basic human need is uncertainty.

We want variety, we want to take some risk, we want to feel a little bit of uncertainty in our life in order for us to be fulfilled in our life.

The third one is significance.

We want to feel a level of significance to a certain degree or another in our life.

The fourth one is that of love.

Certainty, uncertainty, significance, and love. With love, if we aren’t believing in ourselves a lot, we’re looking for more of a connection with someone and the higher level of connection is love.

The four basic human needs are certainty, uncertainty, significance and love.

Then there are two higher spiritual needs.

Once we’ve met the four basic needs in our life, we’ll then have a desire for more and that desire for more is the two higher spiritual needs, not religious needs, but spiritual needs, not that they can’t go together religion and spirituality, it’s just that for today, we’re going to look at this more of a spiritual need in our life.

The first spiritual need is growth.

Continuing to grow. You’ve heard this before, you’re either growing or you’re dying. That’s an area of our life. This is what I’ve succumbed to, and tested and now I’ve surrendered to it in my life, and you get to test this for your life, it’s either working or it’s not working. That if we’re constantly growing and expanding and creating in our life that fulfills us the most, and it creates the most for those around us.

She second spiritual need, is contribution.

Growth and contribution are the two higher spiritual needs over and above the four basic needs, and contribution is contributing to other people’s lives.

When we put our own mask on, #1 Asset, when we take care of our self, and we meet those four basic needs, we’re looking for more, we’re actually able to provide more for others when we’ve met those four basic needs in our life. #1 Asset is taking care of our self, and when we take care of our self and put on that oxygen mask first, we’re able to then assist others around us at a greater degree.

When you’re thinking about what drives you in your life and decisions, the reason why you do what you do, I want you to think of these four basic needs and the two higher spiritual needs. I would encourage you to relate them back as far as money is concerned, and how you can increase the income and wealth in your life to apply it to AIS, #1 Asset, #1 Investment, #1 Strategy, why you do what you do.

You see, when it comes to these four basic needs and two higher spiritual needs, there are patterns and habits in our life that we’ve created. For example, we can change our state and we can smoke a cigarette and that can fulfill a need for us in our body, but is it sustainable? Is it healthy? Are you putting money somewhere in your life that is sustainable and healthy? You’re putting money in places in your life to meet a need. There’s a reason why and it’s meeting a need. It’s either one of the four basic or two of the higher spirituals, one of the six needs out there as a why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I’m encouraging you to look today and to assess, number one, are you getting the results that you want? It’s either working or is not working financially in your life. If you’re not getting the results that you want, if you’re searching for more, if you want to increase your income, if you want to understand why you’re currently doing what you’re doing, and what you could be doing, then apply the six needs to AIS. #1 Asset. You are the #1 Asset in your life. #1 Investment, has been and will always be something that you control, have the most knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in. And the #1 Strategy, when you’re going to relinquish control of your cash, keep it guaranteed, protected, and liquid.

Certainty. When you’re relinquishing control of your cash, you don’t have knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in this area. Number one, if you’re relinquishing control of your cash, and you don’t have knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in that area, it’s a gamble and it’s a risk. Or you’re not clear about your #1 Investment, your career, the business that you’re in and that’s the area where you take risk. If you control something, your business or your career, and you have knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in it, fulfill that need in that area of risk or variety, that of uncertainty. Don’t fulfill that need when you’re relinquishing control where you have no knowledge, expertise, purpose or passion, that’s called gambling. Is gambling sustainable? Gambling wrecks marriages. It wrecks households. I know people that have killed themselves over gambling.

Be aware of the needs. Be aware of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Be aware more than ever before what’s sustainable and what’s healthy. Take our assessment, click on the link below, take our assessment find out where you are in these 10 key areas of your life financially, and where you could be and then think of the four basic needs and the two higher spiritual needs and how they apply.

Do you see the correlation between AIS, #1 Asset, #1 Investment, and #1 Strategy, and the reasons why you do what you’re doing with the six needs, the four basic and the two higher spiritual needs? Are you clear about this? Do you have this in coordination together on a macroeconomic view with everything that you have going on financially?

If you’d like a deeper dive into this and how it applies to everything that you have going on financially, click on the link, take the assessment. If you want to take it a step further, after you take the assessment, you may want a one-on-one consultation of how you can apply these needs to what you’re currently doing so you can increase your income. It’s not just about the income, I started out by saying increase the amount of income, the amount of money that you’re making by understanding this.

For me when I say that and I relate to money, it’s about creating value in the marketplace. It’s about fulfilling yourself and those around you to a higher level and the natural result of that by creating more value in the marketplace and exchanging it, is that dollars follow. Understand the six needs, the four basic and the two higher spiritual needs and apply it to #1 Asset, #1 Investment, and #1 Strategy and allow yourself to enjoy more and to produce at a higher level. You’re enjoying life more, you’re producing more, you’re exchanging more, and a natural result of that is that your income will go up and your peace and enjoyment will increase at the same time.