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Over the past two decades we have watched the “financial social norm” terrorize hardworking entrepreneurs.

Big bank tricks built to keep people enslaved and impoverished.

But what’s worse, 100% of all personal financial train wrecks could be avoided by watching and mimicking what the wealthy, including bank owners, are doing with their money. (and they also do it with YOUR MONEY!)

We have Identified 9 financial characteristics that are needed to build the ideal financial plan.

This week’s 5 min live video turned in to a powerful 24 min training…

The topic?

9 Characteristics of an Ideal Financial Plan.

Found on page 33 of our new book “The AIS Triangle™ – The #1 Guide for Your Vault”

Want to be a “savvy” investor or a knowledgeable Vault owner?

Use this list as a checklist for any “financial plan” that comes your way.

If it doesn’t fill the checklist, then you are assured that it is not a Vault…

Likely it is a threat to your empire.

Want to dive deep into all 9? – Watch the video

  1. People are Assets.
  2. My business/career is my #1 Investment.
  3. Human Life Value is the source and creator of all property value.
  4. Maximum certainty, protection, and liquidity on cash you relinquish control of.
  5. Minimize taxation on income now and in the future.
  6. A systematic flow of money into your strategic plan.
  7. Liquidity: The availability and use of your money throughout life.
  8. Contingencies for death, disability, liability claims, and any other unforeseen factors that can’t be predicted.
  9. Flexibility to make changes to the plan.