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As many of you know, my son Kadin and I started a race team together. We had our 1st race January 10th of this year. What an incredible experience that was for me to have shared with him.

We have our next race this Saturday the 21st in Laughlin, Nevada. It’s going to be a 17 mile loop that we go around 10 times in the open desert.

** Here is a text that I received from my son that included this picture two days ago.

“thank you dad. for everything in my life. you have been an amazing father and still going strong! I could not have a better dad. thank you for providing an awesome experience for me during my life. the thought of getting a car and driving around is awesome. I think about it all the time. and racing together has made us closer. we have a ton of fun while doing it as well!”

That text from Kadin brought tears to my eyes

Michael & Kadin Isom

Michael & Kadin Isom

The life I am living today is a life with significantly more Abundance and Certainty in my planning and overall life. As a result, I have been able to create experiences like this to share with my son.

I love him and want to be able to share my life experiences with him that allows him to grow in a way that fulfills him and those around him.

Kadin is a very compassionate and aware young man. He just completed driver’s education and turns 16 on Saint Patrick’s Day. I know is he excited and I am excited for him as well.

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Saving money in Whole Life insurance provides us certainty in our planning to be able to create and leverage experiences, just like this, with those around us. Those that we care the most about in our lives.
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Michael Isom

Owner of Optic Financial & Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System