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“Absolutely devouring this book. I haven’t read a book with such curiosity and excitement since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2002. Just Amazing Michael Isom”

-Ben N.

Financial institutions have an agenda.  

It’s no surprise.

1. They want our money.   

2. They want our money on a regular basis.  

3. They want to hold onto our money for as long as possible.  

4. When it comes time for us to go get our money they want to pay it back to us as slow as possible.


They then manufacture products that meet that agenda.

They hire a sales force to sell that agenda.

– CFP’s

– Bankers

– Mortgage Brokers

– Insurance agents

– Stock brokers

– Money managers

– Financial planners

They say things to us like,

“You’re in it for the long haul”

“The market goes up, the market goes down”

“Don’t touch that money, you will break the compound interest growth curve”

“Wouldn’t it be great to live interest only off of a large chunk of money?”

“Do a 15 year mortgage vs. a 30 year”

“Buy term and invest the difference”

Yes, these products provide some value for us.

I’m not saying they don’t.  


The banks take our money and teach us to accumulate it with them and not touch it.

And they incentivize us as such.

Yet what they do with our money is lend it out.   

Get it back.  

And lend it out again.

And they do this over and over and over.

They teach us to do one thing and they do the exact opposite.

Get more than one turn out of your money by creating your own banking system.

In my new book What Would The Rockefellers Do? I expose the banks for what they really are.

I teach you step by step how and what to do to create high rates of return with low risk.

Yes, it’s possible and I’ve simplified it for you. 

I’ll also show you how to pay less in tax.

Maintain control versus the oh-so-risky relinquishing control.

Don’t wait another day.

No one is coming to save you.

Take control and leverage the Economic Value of Certainty in your life today.

Rockefeller Blueprint with our firm, Optic Financial, will assist you in exactly how to do this with what you currently have going on.

In Prosperity,

Michael Isom