If you haven’t met with us for a while, this is a great chance to catch up on the core financial values of your Vaults.

Even if you are not planning to meet personally with michael, we invite you to complete the annual review document and place it with your policies so that your personal records are up to date.

We know time can get in the way of meeting personally each year, but it’s vital that you keep the fire and understanding of how your Vaults work and to make sure you are still empowered by your financial choices.


Video Topics:

  • Are you on Target?
  • The propensity to consume
  • Leveraging your Vaults
  • When to convert Term insurance to more Whole Life insurance
  • Personal perpetual funds (Using the Vault over and over)
  • Becoming empowered by large reserves
  • The AIS Triangle™
    • You are your own #1 Asset
    • Your business or career is your #1 Investment
    • Your #1 Strategy in the market today is to keep your cash in a Vault.