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I’m anticipating a change, but my commitment to the path remains the same!

There is a point when I’m planning a family vacation where the tickets are purchased, and the deposits are made.  We’re not on vacation yet but we are all but certain that it’s going to happen.

It’s at this point when the interest in the possibility turns into excitement and anticipation of the inevitable outcome.

Commitment is a much stronger force than mere interest could ever be.

There is a catch!

You see, this summer I was planning on taking my family to Hawaii.

Tickets are purchased, deposits made, and itineraries are outlined.

A perfect trip…

But then a bunch of environmental, social distancing, and other variables got in the way of my plan…

I found myself questioning if I was even “interested” any longer.

I lost my commitment to that plan.

My excitement for the experience vanished almost instantly.

Again, it became a task rather than a liberator.

I started looking for contingencies, ways out…

I looked to justify potential losses.

I had to reevaluate my path;
Recommit to what was best for my family and me (emotionally and physically.)

Course correct my mind and my plan and then recommit to my path.

 You see, there is a fundamental difference between being interested in a journey vs. becoming committed to a path.

 The emotion that comes when we commit to a path makes all the difference…

This is true in your health, relationships, and finances.

Typical financial planners are trained to build “interest” in a flawed path.

And that’s okay for clients who are interested only.

But you are getting this email because you committed to find truths inside of the financial game.


  1. You are your own #1 Asset.
  2. You only invest where you have the most knowledge, experience, and expertise (IE: your #1 Investment)
  3. When it does become time to save money where you are not in control, you choose to keep it guaranteed, protected, and liquid. This is your #1 Strategy.

Inside of this commitment comes ease and excitement in understanding your financial path.

The great news is you have, as it were, a financial travel agent…

Because of the AIS Triangle™, you have safeties, contingencies, and alternate plans in place to help keep you committed to your perfect path.

Best of all, everyone at Vault AIS™ lives the same core values that are taught in our live meetings.

It’s our commitment to the AIS Triangle™ that builds this clarity for you and those around you.

If you ever lose focus or excitement about your financial path, please give me a call so we can help bring the excitement and positive anticipation of your financial path back into view.
In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom