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One of the core values at Vault AIS™ is that
“People are the asset, things are NOT.”

per·son·al au·ton·o·my
/ˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l/ /ôˈtänəmē/

When you have the capacity, understanding, and freedom to make decisions for yourself or to pursue a course of action in life that is free of coercion, deceit, or fraud, then you are acting with personal autonomy.

You have the ability to govern yourself and your own affairs, but not to control, coerce, or govern others.

Unfortunately, when coercion, deceit, or fraud, in any of its many forms, violates the basic human rights of others, then freedom (by definition) stops.

Sound like a financial speech?


Well, it is!

You see, to be able to act with personal autonomy with your own finances, you must have:

  1. Capacity or ability to act financially for yourself.
  2. Understanding or education about money and finance that is unbiased and based on true principles.
  3. Freedom to do or not to do a potential action.

When financial mobsters (and you know who they are!) choose to govern for their own will and pleasure, then financial communications become one-sided.

Skewed from reality and laced with fraud.

An autonomous zone financially speaking leads to extortion, fraud, and deceit….

This is far from the goal of personal autonomy!

This is why we are committed to telling the truth in all areas of our life.

Another one of our core values is “We embrace and educate all to create, grow and expand in abundance and prosperity.”

Because we are committed, not just interested, in preserving our personal autonomy and that of our clients.

Why?  Because people are the assets, things are not!

The Vault AIS™ core values are 9 principal-based keys to personal autonomy.