I was once served by a vegetarian waitress at a steak house.

I, unknowingly, asked her what the restaurant’s best meat cut was…

She answered,

“I don’t know, I don’t eat meat.”

At least she was honest.

But it reminded me of an old African proverb that says something like:

 “Beware of a naked man who offers you clothing.”

 In other words, don’t take advice about something from someone who does not live it.

Just a few days ago I saw an old friend who, as it turned out, lives in the same neighborhood as one of my personal mentors.

I listed some character traits this mentor shared with me and then asked if the mentor lived by the same set of traits at home and in the neighborhood?

My friend answered without hesitation.

Yes, he does! I’ve never seen him otherwise.

In that moment, what happened to my already high confidence in this mentor?

My confidence went way up… Obviously!

But why?

Because I caught him doing good…

Living what he teaches.

We’ve all see the Facebook crusader who pukes out the answers to everyone else’s problems while they living a sad existence themselves.

Don’t take that advice.


Here is one powerful question to ask anyone trying to sell you something.

“Do you have one or use one?”

I laugh whenever I see a car salesman on a Chevy lot pull-up and park their Ford around back.

Or a stockbroker who makes his living on assessed fees rather than by trading stock.

Or a home or auto insurance agent who “self-insures”.

Or a Life Insurance agent who does not cover 100% of their own Human Life Value.

To me they are naked, and I’m not interested in buying from them.

My advice: Make sure you are wearing clothing!

And second, only do business with others who are fully clothed.

Physically and metaphorically.