As a serial direct marketer, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses accumulate wealth...but I know that being truly successful also includes preserving that wealth too, making it possible to pass it on to future generations.

I know that teaching marketing alone will not get them where they need to go... And when I thought I wanted them to learn "what the Rockefellers did" in this area, I realized what I really wanted them to do was "what Garrett Gunderson and Michael Isom DO!."

What Would The Rockefellers Do? is a must-read for anyone interested in having their hard work (and wealth) last longer than one generation...and the polite way Garrett and Michael debunk much of what we think we know about building wealth is refreshing and instructive. And the best part it will lead to a course of action that will be game-changing for anyone's financial future.

Brian, Titans Marketing LLC and business builder at Boardroom Inc....and "serial direct marketer"

The FACTS about Guarantees.

Last week’s email was a stark reality check from wall-street about the massive failures of universal and indexed Universal whole life policies. The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones & Company openly proved that UL and IUL policiesare NOT Guaranteed, they...

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It’s Really About Self-Worth

I'm already feeling the emotion. What you don’t know is that I have an audience behind the camera here and this audience is fueling me and you're going to find out why here in just a few minutes. I'm excited to share this. Please watch the video below...

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My Life Book Revealed

“My Life Book revealed” Without this? I’m empty. I feel alone. Confused. Disempowered. February 2014 my wife Wendy and I traveled to Chicago to attend a workshop called Life Book. This was no ordinary workshop. Wendy and I embarked on a journey to discover our current...

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#1 Wealth Formula in the market.

I have written a lot on this one over the years. To be absolutely clear, your Business/Career has been and will always be your #1 Investment. Do you see this? Do you own this? Are you leveraging this daily? Stop, stop, stop, are you hearing me? Why do you think so...

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Financial Fact Check List

I see myself as the #1 Asset. I invest daily in myself. My personal confidence level is high due to my ability to get up each day and create. I am purpose driven in my personal and business life. I live a life fulfilled, thinking creatively, committed to expansion in...

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Wall Street = Sedation

Part 2 of 2 The secret to truly living is below. Remember the story from yesterday’s email? That experience is what it sometimes takes for me to wake-up and expand in my life. Expansion looks differently for each one of us. The question is: Do you want to expand? Are...

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How is your Vault?

I remember as a young boy wishing, wanting, looking for something more. This carried over into my adult life. Wishing, wanting, searching for something more. Wishing for what? Wanting more of what? Searching for more of what?   Social media/marketing today is...

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Are you blind to this?

Meet Steve; are you Steve? Steve owned his own business. Steve was married and had two kids. He saved money in a 401k. And got a match on his cash up to 6% of his total contribution. Wait, I can’t help myself here with this story… Steve owned the freaking company; the...

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Protecting money ?!?!

“I had no idea what protecting money meant. I knew how to make money. I knew how to create money. What I didn’t know was how to maintain, sustain, and I did not know how to protect it” Why Protect money you ask? Remember the wise man saying, "It’s a whole lot easier...

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