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Are you clear about what you are good at and what you are not?

When we try to do something that is outside of our circle of experience, we lose valuable time.

All misappropriated time results in inefficient production.

It’s a sickening feeling, but one that gives us new choices.

This is why we focus so much effort on increasing the value of your Human Life.

  • Your ability to think
  • Your experiences in life
  • Your purpose
  • Your passion
  • Your expertise
  • Your education

As you build your mental capital, you naturally start to exchange in the marketplace.  This exchange is the #1 Investment that you have or ever will have. 

When you invest in your own business or career, you inevitably reduce risk while reaping a high rate of return.  Why?  Because YOU control the outcome and the outcome is directly represented by your willingness to leverage what you know the most about inside of the market.

Do not let typical financial planners or so called “Investment Brokers” fool you.  There is NO place outside of your own business or career that can (or should) return a greater fortune.

Their approach is a simple gamble where you “hope” but have no control.

You start to burn your own production every time you reduce control of your cash by investing it in another’s business.  Unless Stocks, 401k, “Hard Money” lending, or Bonds are what you know the most about, they are simply fuel used to burn your empire to the ground.

The best way to keep from burning to the ground?

Don’t play with fire, or when you do make sure it’s in a way that you can control.

The more you invest in your own business the faster and more profitable the returns.  We call this building on building.

Then when it comes time for excess cash to be stored somewhere, put it in a Vault where it is Guaranteed, Protected, and Liquid.  This way you can maintain control.  You run your business profitably and flushed with cash. This way you can put out any fiery storm that threatens your kingdom.