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Last Friday, Congress agreed on the terms of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).

No doubt you’ve heard about the big new stimulus/relief bill for American workers and businesses. You might have even heard that you’ll receive a check or that your small business qualifies for a loan or grant.

But don’t you wish someone could simply explain it to you in clear English?

You’re in luck!

Our friend Tom Wheelwright of WealthAbility, CPA and author of Tax-Free Wealth, just recorded a video with all of the ins and outs. Tom lays out the details of the new bill in this virtual town hall.

Whether you are self-employed, newly unemployed, a small business ownersole proprietor or independent contractor, there may be something in the bill that applies to you! 

  • $1,200 payment for “most” taxpayers and retirees and other tax benefits.
  • How to apply for loans and grants NOW if you are eligible.
  • The rules to turn loans into grants.
  • Penalty-free access to money in your retirement plan.
  • 8 weeks of paid payroll by the federal government.
  • Unemployment benefits for individuals, including independent contractors.

 Note: This is time-sensitive information, especially if you are a business owner!

The funds available for this are limited, those who are eligible for loans or grants should apply IMMEDIATELY!

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom

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