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True or False: Looking down the barrel of a government gun isn’t the time to make well-informed decisions.

When do you make decisions?

When you are forced to or when you are free to?

Every day you are faced with choices big and small.

I’m constantly reminded of the power that comes from making choices before they are forced on me.

Paying taxes is one example of this.

Now in 2021 we are all faced with new choices that impact our quality of life as well as our future.

In this video I talk about the financial choices that you are either going to make freely or you’re going to be forced into making them on someone else’s terms.

Take a few moments to make 1st quarter commitments in your Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

Doing so will free you from the damning chains of uncertainty and reactiveness.

This powerful video shares how I look at my year-end and create my targets for the new year.