Here is THE life lesson of the year for me, if I were to sum it up.

It’s one I struggled with not wanting to accept for a few years now.

After this year, 2023 I am now convinced it’s true.


There I said it. I know, I know, many of you reading this are like, you’re just now getting this? Yes, just this year I learned this lesson.

I’ve known about it.
Talked about it.
Debated it.
Was taught this lesson by mentors.
Read about it.
But did not want to accept it into my life.

I had been telling myself a story that it didn’t have to be hard in order to work.

Hard, being defined as something that was challenging; something that I had to really work at and focus on.

This wasn’t always easy to do. Often it took some sacrifice in one or two areas of life.

It took getting uncomfortable.
Stretched me.
Caused some frustration.
Some doubt would creep in.
Some fear.
Worry at times.

Here has been my truth. Truth due to what I actually experienced.
I’ve said this a thousand times to all of you. Test it to know for yourself.

When I “got too comfortable” I would get lazy. In the laziness I would not challenge myself. In not challenging myself I would get frustrated. Upset with myself and others around me.

This caused me to feel doubt. Uncertainty. Fear. It was a slippery slope.

Choose your hard.

It’s the same with our money life. Don’t take care of your money life. Don’t learn how to take care of your money life and feel the uncertainty. Fear. Doubt. Worry. Stress.

Stress is a big one. It can cause massive heart attacks and other health issues of major concern.

I want to live a long healthy life. Experiencing all that is around me. I create this with God on a daily basis. And you do too.

It’s hard to wake up daily and workout. Eat well. Supplement. Manage stress levels. Sleep well.

And guess what’s even harder to do? Get well when we are sick? Have an illness?
We’ve heard it before. People sacrifice their health for wealth only to then spend their wealth trying to get their health back.

Sometimes and often times… it’s too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Choose the hard now.

Looking back over this year, it’s been one of the most challenging years of my life. And one of the most rewarding.

I am living an amazing life that I’ve created.

I have realized an amazing gift this year.

Deliberate focused challenges, that I now choose, fulfill me and create the most for those around me.

Yes, it’s been challenging. Hard. Uncomfortable. There’s been fear, doubt, and worry. But the difference is I chose it. I’m using it all to fulfill me at deeper levels and at the same time create more for others around me.

Choose your hard. I for one know it’s much more of a challenge to stay “comfortable”.

Get uncomfortable this new year. Challenge yourself again. Dream big. Go for it.

I am. Will you?

Happy New Year!