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Why Choose Us?

You have many options for insurance agents and financial advisors. So why should you choose to work with us?

Our clients will give you their reasons why. Here are ours:

We Help You Enjoy Your Wealth Today and Still Leave a Generational Legacy

We are far more than insurance agents trying to foist a sale on you to earn a max commission.

Our passion is helping you architect sustainable, generational wealth. But not just that—we also want you and your family to enjoy your wealth while you’re alive.

Everything we do and all our recommendations are intended to achieve those goals.

Our expertise with insurance isn’t just knowing products. It’s knowing how the products fit into a holistic financial plan to build, protect, and perpetuate long-term wealth.

In short, we are not product pushers. Rather, we see the big picture of what you want to accomplish and make recommendations accordingly.

We Literally Wrote the Book on the Best Method for Architecting Sustainable Wealth!

what would the rockefellers do book

Our founder, Michael Isom, co-authored the bestselling book What Would the Rockefellers Do?

This book reveals the plan used by the wealthiest individuals, families, and institutions to protect, grow, and perpetuate wealth for generations.

We’ve Learned the Hard Way What Not to Do

Our passion for serving clients comes from our founder Michael Isom’s story.

After losing millions in personal savings and client’s money in a speculative investment, Michael vowed to apply what he had learned and help as many people as possible do the same.

That’s exactly what he has done. In the process, Michael has learned invaluable lessons that help our clients every day.

Decades of Experience and Highly-Specialized Training

Our founder, Michael Isom, has been in the life insurance industry since 2000.

During that time, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advanced and highly-specialized training to learn the most sophisticated wealth building strategies. He has studied the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP) for 10 years and Truth Concepts for 14 years.

Michael currently has over $1 billion in death benefit in place on clients.

We Maximize Your Benefits, Not Our Commissions

There’s a reason why the insurance industry has given itself a bad name. There are far too many agents who give recommendations based on maximizing their commission, not your benefits.

Our clients will assure you that all our recommendations are intended to maximize your benefits, not our commissions.

You can trust that we will always do the right thing for you, regardless of our commissions.

Educational Approach and No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

You’ve built what you have because you’re an intelligent person. The last thing you need is another sales pitch from a life insurance salesman.

We’re not here to sell you. We’re simply here to educate you on your options. Once you fully understand your options, you’ll make the right decision for you.

Simplified Expertise in Overfunded Whole Life Insurance

Breaking down the complexities of overfunded whole life insurance is our forte. We’ve mastered the art of simplifying intricate concepts, making them easily digestible for our clients.

We engage, educate, and empower—turning what may seem daunting into a comprehensible journey.

Versatile Coverage Options

Beyond life insurance, our expertise extends to disability insurance, long-term care, annuities, and more.

We offer a comprehensive range of coverage options, ensuring our clients find tailored solutions to safeguard their financial well-being.

Get Your Free Hardcover Books!

Get two hardcover books from our founder, Michael Isom, What Would the Rockefellers Do? (with Garrett Gunderson) and What We’re Worth.

In these books, you’ll discover the secrets of the ultra-wealthy for protecting, growing, and passing on wealth for generations.