For years I wanted to be wealthy.
Live wealthy.
Be wealthy.
Understand money.

I wanted to know exactly what the big financial institutions knew about money.
How it worked.
What the financial institutions do with money is the exact opposite to what they teach us to do with money.

Seriously. The exact opposite.

They teach us that high risk equals high rate of return.
Low risk equals low rate of return.
They want us to give them our money to manage.
They say things like, invest early, invest often.
Compound interest will save us. It is important but will not save us.
They want us to take risk in areas where we have no control. No knowledge not any expertise whatsoever.
You’re in it for the long haul they say.
Market will go up. Market will go down.
(How is it feeling right now if you have money in the market?)
Invest in our companies versus your own.

All of this and more creates a dependency on them.
All of this creates a significant amount of uncertainty.
Fear. Doubt. Worry.

Give us your money they say.
Gamble your money with us.

This is the reality.

If you are relinquishing control of your cash outside of your career, outside of your business, into an area where you have no knowledge, no expertise, no control, you are gambling.

Don’t gamble.

Think about it.
The stress.
The fear.
The uncertainty outside of your control causes you to not only enjoy more of what is it lowers your ability to create.

It lowers your ability to create in your area of expertise.
Your career.
Your own business.
The areas you have control, knowledge, experience, and expertise. 

Creation and exchange are not only what fulfills us, it creates the most for those around us.

This is why I created Vault AIS™.

Vault AIS™ was created to help you understand the principles at play in order to set yourself up for success.

It’s not for everyone.

  • It is though for those who see or want to see themselves as the #1 Asset.
  • Those who are accountable.
  • Self-reliant.
  • Those of you who know that no one is coming to save you.
  • Those of you who take action.
  • Who are clear that their career and or business has been and always will be their #1 Investment. It’s put the most amount of cash in your pocket. It will continue to.

You know that Vaults at the core of all you do allows you to create more.
Enjoy more.
Experience more.
More of what is around you.

That you continue to feel worthy for all that you have created in the marketplace.

Your results are evidence as to the value that you created and exchanged with others. Free exchange. Honest creation and exchange.

Cash that you relinquish control of?
Cash outside your area of expertise?
You save it in max funded dividend paying whole life insurance. Aka Vaults.

Because it is the only product with a financial institution that is guaranteed, protected and liquid.

Giving you the ability to continue to produce at the highest levels.

This is what the wealthy do.