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We sincerely hope you and those closest to you are doing well as the COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) outbreak continues to affect businesses and communities throughout the country.

We value our relationship with you and want you to know what we’re doing to maintain it during this pandemic.

Lacey, Jim, and I are prepared to work remotely from home if it comes to that in our area here in Southern Utah.
Little did we know that when Lacey had her baby last year that we would use the technology and secure systems again.

We are all healthy. We practice what we preach.

#1 Asset is you. People are assets things are not.
We practice preventative maintenance in all areas of our life.

#1 Investment is your business/career. We have the most knowledge and expertise in this area.
We also control this the most.

#1 Strategy is a Vault. Cash is king. Cash that we are going to relinquish control of:

1. Keep it Guaranteed
2. Protected
3. Liquid  

Mutual life insurance companies that we write with have been in business for over 150 years.

These companies have survived in much harsher environments:
  • 1861 The American Civil War
  • 1983 Economic panic and depression
  • 1907 Panic causes 247 banks to fail in the US
  • 1917 US enters World War I
  • 1929 The Great Depression
  • 1932 25% unemployment, 10,000 US banks fail
  • 1941 US enters World War II
  • 1963 John F. Kennedy assassinated
  • 1980 Inflation reaches 13.5%
  • 1990 Gulf War
  • 2001 US attacked on September 11th
  • 2008 Global Financial Crisis begins

Though all of the last 173 years of turmoil, “Penn Mutual has paid dividends to eligible policyholders every year since 1847” – Press release Nov 25-2019

Americas Life Insurance (Est. 1887) “… has paid dividends consistently, even during periods of declining long-term interest rates.” – Ameritas Access Whole Life Insurance Nov 2019

OneAmerica (Est.1877) has “been meeting our customer commitments for 140 years.” – The Dividend Story 2017

We promise to continue to be responsive to your needs and wants.
We will remain strong financial stewards to all of you that have placed your trust in us and the life insurance companies that we represent.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented challenge to our communities and country.
We will remain focused and vigilant in our actions as we will get through this together.

Please feel free to call and or email in any and all questions you may have.
We are here for you and your families.