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Just this last week I was slammed with COVID. Hit me hard. Wow!

I pride myself on preventative maintenance in my life. All areas of my life.

I had been traveling. Stress levels had increased for me and I was not managing it well.

Being down like I was messed with my head and my mindset.
Up and down mentally for about 9 days.
The scarcity mindset set in in a massive way for me.
It was quite the roller coaster ride. Even with all the work that I have done and continue to do daily.

Amazing how our body and how we feel can affect our mindset. And in a massive way too.

I was reminded at a deep level while my body was fighting this off that all choice and action in our lives is determined by our dominant paradigm at the moment.

Disciplined spending, saving, and investing are irrelevant without disciplined thinking. (Paradigm management)

Our wealth and destiny are determined by our paradigm, not our products and our strategies.

With these reminders it is clear to me today that I must do more work in this area of my life.
And if I am feeling it, you just may be feeling it and or have also at some point.

During this downtime I committed to create: Vault AIS CFW courses.
Curriculum For Wealth beyond year one of working with us.

The new CFW courses will be timeless, true principles of prosperity. A unique educational process designed to teach and apply the abundance paradigm in the lives of you the individual, your family’s, communities, and our great nation.
I, along with my old business partners, created this original course material back in 2004-2005.
I have been dusting it off, adding in AIS and preparing it for all of you.

All of you by now have heard me talk about #1 Asset, #1 Investment and #1 Strategy. AIS.

These new courses will be all about increasing your HLV. Human Life Value.
From this, our goal is to assist you in leveraging your whole life insurance, your Vault’s to even greater depths.
Yes, this will also affect all other areas of your life in a massive way. 

  • Based on macro-economic principles at play everywhere in the world
  • Systematic, duplicatable method of delivering this education
  • Guaranteed results, based on self-existent, universal truths (principles)
  • Increased wealth and success are the result of more certainty, not more risk
  • Markets cannot undermine, Government cannot revoke
  • Financial success is harmonious with life success (it’s the right thing to do)
  • Material assets are positioned to achieve maximum utilization (value creation) throughout lifetime of the producer (owner) who controls it
  • Non-financial (human, social, intellectual) wealth transferred to heirs, not just money, therefore wealth inheritance is a blessing, not a curse
  • Undergraduate & Graduate levels of economic & financial education in the real world
  • Apply abundance/prosperity principles to current world circumstances, and changing circumstances in the lives of individuals

All of this to reinforce the core philosophy and strategies behind The AIS Triangle that you experienced here at Vault AIS.