How you can get more cash in your pocket by watching the new hit movie Dr. Strange.

 (Or, if you’re not planning on hitting the cinemas, you can read this email and follow the easy steps below. If you are planning on seeing it in theaters…don’t worry – no damaging spoilers here…read on.)


Yep. You read that correctly. 

Recently, I watched the newest Marvel Comic film:

Dr. Strange.

As I ingested the blockbuster, new light was shed for me on many areas of my life. 


Seeking a solution to be able to use his hands once again to operate, Dr. Strange finds so much more than he thought he would.

In fact he finds the exact opposite and success beyond what he could have possibly imagined in the frame of his former life. 


Many times in our lives, if we are open to it, we can and will find so much more than what we were first seeking. 


I know this has been true for me.

Dr Strange found this to be true also. 

He loved  “tough” cases in surgery. He loved saving lives – lives that others were unable to save. 

Little did he know…..when he first sought after an answer of how he would use his hands again, his path would instead bring him an ability to fulfill his life’s purpose in a much greater way.


I’ve heard from so many of you that the process of stabilizing Abundance in your life financially has opened massive production to take place in and around you. 


This increased production leads to significantly more cash flow in your life.

Because Dr. Strange found it in such an unexpected place, it lead me to think…

Where in your life could you uncover another layer of Stability? 

Another layer of Abundance?

This is something to think about and be open to over the weekend and in the coming months.


And just a reminder…greater Abundance naturally occurs when you transfer risks that are out of your control to someone else to manage. You are then freed up to create in your own unique genius.

And producing more in your unique genius fulfills you to deeper levels and creates the most for those around you. 

That’s what we are here for. 

Fulfill on your life purpose in more evolved ways than ever before by knowing, versus hoping, that you are being deliberate in transferring risks that are not part of your unique genius to manage.

Then…Create, Grow and Expand in far greater ways than ever before. 



In Prosperity,

Michael Isom