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I’m going to get Real, Raw and Relevant with you on this one.


I’m writing this on December 4th, 2017.

Why am I stating the date like this? Because today is my 24th Wedding Anniversary.

24 years ago, at the oh so young age of 22, Wendy and I said yes. Wendy was only 19.

19 and 22 years old.


We were so young. Back then I thought I could take on the world.

Zero hesitancy in getting married and creating alongside each other.

Two and a half years later came the birth of our 1st child, Kennedy.

Then 4 and a half years later, Kadin.


I love being married and a father

So much joy.
It’s not all roses, that’s for sure.

And that’s the point I’m about to make with relation to money.


Sit up for this one.
I’m about to get a little Raw with you.

Raw, in the sense that your typical financial planners are not talking about this and it’s a SIGNIFICANT factor when it comes to your money life.

Many of you know my past. Wendy and I separated for 2.5 months the fall of 2010. Not my favorite time for sure; none the less, it happened.

Separated because I was not healthy to be around. Having lost our family’s life savings the end of 2007, I was still in a tailspin of victimhood, blame, and shame.


This was a very unhealthy state to be in.
The fact was, I didn’t really know what I was missing.

I was drinking way too much and had zero desire to produce. ZERO!

When a person loses their courage and confidence it’s as if the world collapses in on them.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. And for me, those months added up to almost 3 years.


Those 3 years I will never get back.

  • They were dark.
  • Lonely
  • I was scared.

What was I to do?
I wasn’t even thinking about that.


I was in pain and lots of it.
Pain as to the reality of my decisions.

Every decision we make has consequence.
Consequences like losing the entirety of my family’s life savings by choosing to risk it all.


Some consequences we like and some we do not.

We choose.


The effects of money in our life play a major role.

  • How is money affecting you today?
  • How do you want it to?
  • What would be ideal?


This is part 1 of 2, possibly 3, of this story.


In the next part, I will show the lessons I learned, extracted, and applied as a result of this pit in my life.

I will also show you what to do today to ensure this loss never happens to you.

The “Pits in our life have with them a gift” it’s up to you to extract the gifts or not. It’s your choice.

The gifts await us.

The gifts I extracted are exactly what the wealthy use to rig the money game in their favor.

In Prosperity,


Michael Isom