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Here Is What I Learned.

Yes, it’s true, I fell victim to the Scarcity Mindset.

It did overpower me.

Has it overpowered you?

What are you doing or could you do to ensure it does not happen to you?

Why would I risk so much?

Why would you?


This question as to why I would risk my family’s life savings plagued me for years. 

  • Guilt.
  • Shame.
  • Embarrassment.

I felt it all. 


Here is what I learned: 

There are 4 basic human needs we all crave.

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty/Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love

We crave guarantees yet we crave risk. Certainty and Uncertainty.

We all do.


I didn’t see this then.
didn’t acknowledge this.

I was blind to it.

And that blindness cost me almost life itself.


Don’t stay blind!
You don’t have to.


I want you to fulfill your basic needs.

I want you to risk and I want you to have guarantees and to stay fulfilled.



Typical planners have it wrong.


Why is this?
Because they follow the agenda of big financial institutions.

They want you to relinquish control of your money to them and take high risk on it.


High risk = high rate of return.




High risk is just that, high risk.
Bottom line.

Take risk in an area that you have the most knowledge and expertise. The most Human Life Value. Mental capital.


Take risk in an area you control.
In an area you know the most about.


Not in an area where you relinquish control.
Not in an area where you have no knowledge.


This is the realization I extracted.

Yes, I want you to test it.


It’s worked for me and it works for the wealthiest business owners out there today.

They take risk in their own business, in their own career.

Not when they turn their money over to someone else.


When they turn their money over to someone else, they keep it in a Vault.

Where it’s Guaranteed.
Protected and Liquid.


Liquid to use in their career.
Into their business.
Into their personal life for future money decisions, they will be making anyway.


Whereby they are the bank paying themselves, versus paying someone else.



And those rates of return far outweigh those of any risky investment.



You are your #1 Asset.
Increase your Human Life Value first, then take that to the market to exchange.


Your Business/Career is your #1 Investment.
This is where you have the most control, the most knowledge, and the most Human Life Value.


The #1 Strategy in the market today is The Vault AIS system for saving.
Keeping your money Guaranteed, Protected, and Liquid.


In Prosperity,


Michael G Isom