Yes, I am concerned about our economy.
Since early 2020 when Covid hit it’s been nothing but a roller coaster.
If you weren’t sure that the media has an agenda, I think we can all agree that they do now.

Who can we trust?
What can you do?
What should you be doing right now?

Inflation hit a major high this year.
Interest rates more than doubled.

Rumors of wars.
Left. Right.

I’m not going deep into the political rabbit hole today, however, I am sending a clear message.


Many of you know of this guy GaryVee.
Like him or hate him, he’s produced some big results. And often times has a great message.
I like some of his messages.
He’s a successful dude building a big brand.

Tony Robins. Love his messaging. Love his personal story too.



Twitter and Elon Musk.

All of these people and companies are making moves today preparing for tomorrow.

We don’t know how much worse things are going to get.
The above companies and names are preparing and actually warning others to prepare.
What are they doing?
How do we prepare?
What can you do?


#1 Asset is you. You will never lose by increasing your knowledge, experience, and expertise.
Increase your Human Life Value.
Your personal stock value.
Learning, growing, and experiencing more fulfills you. It stimulates us. Gives us purpose. Meaning to our lives. It also assists us in weathering a storm.

If you’re gambling with any of your cash outside of your control this is what is causing you to worry. Live in fear and doubt.
Stop gambling.
Why do people gamble?
It’s a lack of self-worth.
They don’t believe in themselves.
This is why #1 Asset is so important to you and I.

Remember and take action in your #1 Investment. Your own business/career.
This is the area you take risk in.
This is the area that has the most potential to create the highest rates of return.
Anything and everything you can do to support your ability to show up and create at the highest levels in your area of expertise.

Cash that you relinquish control of: keep it GPL.
Guaranteed. Protected. And Liquid.
Many of you are enjoying the liquidity of your Vault; your properly funded whole life policies. Borrowing money using your policy as collateral versus banks right now with their higher interest rates.

One more item to help you.
Stop lying.
Yep, tell the truth.
Seems simple, doesn’t it?
Do it.
When any of us create out of lying it lowers our self-confidence. Lowers our self-worth. We then live in fear. Greater fear when the world is in so much turmoil.

Will all this, there are so many other amazing things going on. So much abundance. Love. Healing. Creation. Abundance. Courage and confidence. Focus and clarity. Innovations. Breakthroughs.
So many people and companies having banner years.

Look around.
Celebrate and appreciate more.
We are alive. We have so much to be thankful for.

It’s Veterans Day today. Pause and give thanks to the many that served. Gave their lives. Sacrificed so much. Are sacrificing so much today for the freedoms we have today.

Thank you all, those of you that are veterans. Thank you for your service.
Thank you for defending our freedoms that we all enjoy today in the great United States of America.
Freedom to live AIS at the highest levels.
Find courage and confidence in The AIS Triangle™ with your money life.
Then go and leverage this by creating at the highest levels and enjoying life also at the highest levels.