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Death Perspective

What can be learned from the Death Perspective?

Everything and Nothing!

This, my friend, is up to you.

As you have heard me share, and as you may have read from my personal story in What Would the Rockefellers Do?, the significant financial loss I experienced late 2007.

Perspective Determines Action.

Prior to 2007 I had not experienced that great of a financial loss. The loss gave me perspective to now know gain.

True gain.
And value it.
Leverage it.
Create it at an even higher level than ever before as a result of the perspective gained. 

Along with such a deep burning desire to assist all of you with this in your life.

So you never, never, never, have to experience what I did.

Recently a client of mine had a patient die.
37 year old. Husband. Father.
He went to bed and did not wake up next to his lovely wife.

He didn’t think the night before he died, I wonder if this is my last night?

I hope he hugged his kids tight that night. Kissed them and expressed how much he loved them.

I hope he embraced his sweet wife that night telling her how much she meant to him.
How much of a powerhouse she was to him and to the family.

Expressing with his heart the potential he saw in his kids. 
Inspiring them to dream. 
Inspiring them to live a life of authenticity, expression, love, faith, legacy, honesty, integrity, empathy and a desire to serve others. 
A principled life. 

This man was an all around healthy man providing so much for, not only his family but also, those he served day to day influencing lives for good.

We will all die.

We just don’t know when.

This is a reality.

With that reality we plan.

We plan for the “what ifs” and we plan to live a really long life.

When we have planned for both, transferring the risk that we are unable to self-insure for to an insurance company to manage for us it frees us up to produce in all areas of our life at an even higher level.

Live your life as if today was your last.

We have heard this many times before.

I am reminded of this with the passing of such a young father.

  • What if today was my last day?
  • Have I hugged my family and said to them, in word and action, how much I love them?
  • Am I living my life today influencing the lives I come in contact with in a positive way?
  • Inspiring others.
  • Do I have empathy for others?
  • Any I speaking up with what I truly feel?
  • Do I wake up each day with a deep celebration and appreciation for life?
  • My life.
  • The life I have to expand, grow and create with.

There is no panic today.

But a reminder as to where we are and where we truly want to be in our lives.

What areas of your life might you want to give some attention to?
Is there an area that is holding you back in any way?

If finance and money is one of these areas.
Contact us today.

If finance and money is not empowering you or someone you know to the degree that it could.
Contact us.

What is the one thing you will do today different than yesterday, if anything, to express your love and appreciation for your life?

In prosperity,

Michael Isom


“Think legacy and watch your life be more fulfilling than ever before.”