A year ago, I wrote down a really big goal to create and race in an off-road race with my son, Kadin. This goal was a really big one for me both mentally and monetarily speaking; to actually give myself permission to dream again and for that dream to become a reality.

I thought about that goal becoming a reality for months, I started asking myself the question, “What would it take”? In this question came the answers, and they came quick.

My desire was to create an environment in which adventure and life’s experiences could assist in learning. Life lessons that would inspire him, motivate him, invigorate him, to want to create himself, faith in himself and others, as well as sportsmanship, competition, the thrill of adventure, a mindset of “I can do this”, the mental capacity to endure, preparedness mindset, and at the same time spend some quality time with him.

It worked, I have been able to spend some amazing time with him, traveling one on one for long hours, preparing ourselves physically and mentally for the race.

I have teared up many times since we started this project, 1st time was driving 7 hours to deliver our car in Phoenix, AZ to get built out. Kadin had fallen asleep and I was in a quiet meditation thinking about the deep love that I have for him as my son. He is such a great young man. I love being a father. I reached over and placed my hand on his back as I teared up with joy and love for him.

All this time together doing all of this has been priceless and at that point we had not even raced.

I have attached a link to a short video of our experience racing that day.

I hope you enjoy it; it’s fun for us to remember the emotion of that day.

Out of 55 other competitors that day we placed 8th. We raced for 160 miles non-stop. It took us 3hrs and 25min; the results are posted on www.bitd.com. We are going to participate in the whole series with Best in the Desert this year. We have also set up a Facebook page – facebook.com/mobbinracing – if you would like to follow our adventure.

Knowing versus hoping that when I save a dollar it will be there each and every year, guaranteed, protected and liquid, provides for me the economic confidence to do things like dreaming again. Dreaming and being able to ask myself the question, “what would it take?”

I don’t take this lightly.

I have had my savings at risk before. It’s not fun.

The life I experienced in those days of intense scarcity of the money I had saved was very scary. I was so focused on the investments that I was not present in my life.

Present to those things around me that meant the most: My family.

Remember and leverage the fact that every dollar you save in a whole life policy is guaranteed, liquid, protected and accessible to use back into your life. There are so many ways to leverage this with all you have going on financially.

Remember also, that you have transferred the risk to a life insurance company to manage that risk for you. The death benefit of the policy itself. This is so powerful.

When they manage this for you it frees up mental space for you to create in the area that you are uniquely talented at creating in. Protection does then lead to production.

I am humbled and take our relationship very seriously.

Thank you for trusting me with this area of your financial lives. I am honored.

I am appreciative of the many referrals that you have entrusted me with. Thank you.


Michael Isom

Owner of Optic Financial & Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System