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Here at Vault AIS, there are other tools that will assist you in taking the AIS Triangle™ into all areas of your life.

Vault AIS™ Journal:

When you implemented we gave you a journal. We encouraged you to write down your life lessons and to think legacy in your life.
For another journal please email Lacey: Info@vaultais.com

Protection Component:

The “Protection Component” document walks you through auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, liability umbrella insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, your Social Security benefits, wills, trusts, as well as the way you own your life insurance. It covers all the protection areas of your life and gives you questions that you can ask other advisors to allow you to be empowered by all of your financial decisions.
Download a digital copy HERE.

Family Finance Guide:

The “Family Finance Guide” is a spending plan. The single greatest thing that Wendy and I can empower our kids with when it comes to money and finance is to live off of 80% of what they make. The family finance guide allows us to have an actual workable plan in our life to guide us, and to empower us financially.
Download a digital copy HERE

The AIS Triangle -Book:

We have the newer guide created with writings from myself and others here at Vault AIS™ about how to leverage and utilize the Vault in your life.
Download a digital copy HERE

What would the Rockefellers do? – Book:

We all know how much money and finance plays a significant role in our life. Take the time to enhance in your life.
Download a digital copy HERE