Years ago as a kid I went deer hunting with my dad. My two step-brothers and I decided to go off on our own into the mountains to look for deer. We were teenagers and thought we knew where there was “better hunting” than my dad. We ended up getting lost.

I remember feeling scared. As more time went on, the more scared I became. The sun was going down and we had no idea where we were.

We were surrounded by tall pine trees. We were in the thick of the mountain forest.

The pressure was on. We needed to think fast or it was going to be a long night in the cold mountain air. I was hoping and praying that we would find our way.

Our minds were forced to think back as to how we got where we were. We began to piece things together. As we talked with each other and walked with uncertainty, we were slowly able to remember.

We walked, then talked. We thought about where to go in order to trace our steps back and find our way. After some time we made it back to camp. We were grateful and relieved that we were no longer lost…we knew where we were and that was a great feeling!

It’s a New Year. 2017 is ahead of you. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I know where I am?

Do I know where I’m going?

Do I have a solid financial foundation?

Am I striving to be all that I want to be physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially?

Am I putting in the time necessary to enhance business relationships and family relationships?

If the answers to these questions aren’t the answers you had hoped for, perhaps you are feeling lost like I was in the forest. Maybe you are lacking a plan, or lacking motivation.

It is in these time that we must stop and assess where we currently are. We must be aware of our situation and circumstances in all areas of our life…and ask this next question:

What will it take for me to become the person I want to become?

What I’ve learned in life is that it is the consistent, positive and productive, daily activities that make the difference. I love this quote by Alma in the Book of Mormon, “…by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”

It is true. The little things that we do day-by-day add up to becoming great things in our lives. These little things become empowering habits in our lives that then become “a way of life” for us; they become ingrained in us.

The commitment, on a consistent basis, to take care of my physical body; to exercise, eat right and avoid harmful substances, provides me with better health.

To read good books, play the guitar, and listen to positive things such as podcasts, audio books, and inspiring music gives me mental stability and stimulation.

Pondering and meditating, attending church regularly, reading scriptures, and praying are things I do for my spiritual growth and clarity.

Dates with my wife, time with my children, visiting with friends and neighbors, creates greater emotional happiness and connections.

Money invested outside of my business is guaranteed, liquid, protected, and tax-free or tax-favored. This provides financial security and greater peace of mind for me.

It is in our minds that all this starts. We must change our mindset. Gautama Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.”

We must believe that we can accomplish great things. But, it is the simple daily activities that make great things happen.

Nothing is ever accomplished until the thought to accomplish it has been conceived. Nothing changes until you think about changing. Then you take action to do so!

Start with a daily goal. It’s that simple!

Commit to being consistent. This is easier to do when you discover your “why”. In other words, when you have a “purpose”, the daily, consistent goals become easier.

When I lost a ton of money in 2008, I was devastated. That loss of money affected me in all areas of my life. I was angry. I was lost. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to do.

I had two choices. I could choose to be bitter and let that negativity fester and bring me even lower, which it did for quite some time. Or I could choose to learn from this experience and fight my way out of it.

I chose to get out of bed every morning and go to work. I chose to push through this loss and grow from the experience. By the grace of God, slowly things started to happen. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life.

I had a fire in me to not quit! It was a massive struggle day after day. But, I had a desire and purpose to create and grow; to expand and become something greater than I was before.

When my brothers and I were lost in that forest on that mountain, we didn’t know where we were and we weren’t sure where to go. Any direction we walked would have been just a guess. But, we talked among ourselves. We reasoned together. We tried to put pieces together of how we got where we were at that moment. We worked to get out of being lost. We didn’t just sit down and wait to be found. We worked our way out of it.

Do you know where you want to go?

In order to answer that question…You must get clear on where you are now.

An exact knowing. Don’t lie to yourself about this. Be honest.

If you are lost, discover where, and who you are. Be real with yourself. Be true with your answers.

Knowing where you are is CRUCIAL to the prosperity you will have in your life.

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P.S. Your awareness of where you are today and an honest realization of where you are, can create expanded opportunities for you, and discoveries of what you can become.

Barry Brooksby

Financial Professional | Wealth Strategist | Ignite, Expand, and Enhance Your Financial Knowledge