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Building and burning comes from building, gambling and loosing.

It also comes from no liquid guaranteed savings as a reserve to give us permission to build and sustain.

Having a purpose behind us driving our passion.

Transferring the risk in areas we are not unique in managing ourselves.   Freeing us up to create in our own area of expertise.

Building and burning can come from many different areas. Personally and professionally.


All of this is why I’m re-branding Optic Financial to, drum role please, Vault AIS.


Vault AIS is secured by The AIS Triangle.


You have been learning and leveraging #1 Asset, #1 Investment and #1 Strategy with me for some time now.


Well, it’s now time for me to have my outer world in this area match that of my inner world.


The name and branding to truly match the core message that we share.

Build, protect, maintain and sustain.


That you and your family leverage and utilize in your life.

I have some fun and exciting things coming your way as I launch Vault AIS to all of you.

Same team, same strategies, same wealth building principles. 

Just different more exciting packaging around it all.

We are confident that, with the outreach we now how in all 50 states, the message you have come to love here will be even more transferable in your life and also in the lives of those you care the most about!


Vault AIS is that message. 

In Prosperity,

Michael Isom