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Ask yourself this question:
Are the dreams & goals for my family the same whether I am here or not?

Today, I had a somber reflection, one that brought a tear to my eye.

A small business owner friend of mine, who is about my age, died last night from a rare blood disease.

He is the only one who runs his business, and this brought up two passionate feelings for me?

  1. Will his hard work be able to continue to provide for his wife and children? What will happen to his business?  Who will run it? 
  2. Will his wife and kids have the finances they need to appropriately mourn without feeling the “need” to earn money or make the home, car, and other debt payments. (Or to buy food?)

Often in our discussion of Whole Life Insurance, we get caught up talking about what an amazing savings vehicle it is.

No doubt it is the safest place on the planet for cash!

We talk about growth guarantees.
The protections that cash has from garnishment, lawsuits, and taxes…
And the liquidity of the cash inside the policies.

It’s all very exciting, but don’t forget the “insurance” side of this tool!

The death benefit is just as important, if not more important, as all of the other benefits of a WL policy.

If something unexpected were to happen to you, the death benefit of a properly structured life insurance policy will allow your family to take time to honor you without the fear of money getting in the way.

Also, the death benefit will provide income to maintain the quality of life you worked so hard to provide for your family.

But again, it must be structured properly.

Typical life insurance agents structure policies to maximize commissions rather than your best interest.
Let alone the interest of your family…

These lazy agents plan for you to fail!
They are the shady whole-life salesmen we’ve all heard about.

A properly structured policy provides a maximum death benefit while also ensuring all other benefits work together to provide you with the ability to leverage your saved cash NOW while providing security for your family’s future.