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Have you ever followed someone down a dirt road?
The dust can be blinding.
It’s hard to tell where you are going or what dangers might be ahead.
You might have an idea of where the road will eventually lead,
Or, you might be driving aimlessly following the persona ahead of you…
Either way, it sucks.
We’ve all been there financially too.
Choked by the dust of an unknown financial path.
Or we know where we are headed financially but get caught up in the dust trail of something new and shiny.
And we get caught off course.
It’s much more fun to be in clear air.
To see your goal and anticipate any dangers.
Sometimes we have to slow down a bit, let the dust settle.
Then we can make a calculated move to go as fast as we desire.
It’s no surprise that I have a racing story to go along with this.

Last year a big powerful race truck was driving blind in the dust of my much smaller Race UTV.

He could not clearly see the path ahead of me and therefore he could not anticipate my moves.

As a result, he ran into the back of my car…
Sending me crashing down a steep ravine…

Everyone was okay,
It could have been worse.

But I learned how valuable it is to be out of the dust and in the clean air in all areas of my life.

That’s why I tell clients over and over to retake the self-assessment.

When they don’t retake it, they forget what the clean air is like.
They can forget their financial path and blindly follow a new and shiny object.

I’ve even seen people take a huge loss on long term strategies for short term gambles.

In the clean air, there is vision and perspective.
There is certainty surrounding Vaults and the financial future.
Clarity surrounds all past and future financial decisions…
And the financial future is Guaranteed, Liquid, and Protected!

Stay in the clear air.
Retake the self-assessments. (I personally do it often!)
And if you have a question, call and schedule an appointment to get clear.