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Two weeks ago on the 19th of September 2018, the Wall Street Journal (owned by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.) released this heartbreaking financial article.

Universal Life Insurance, a 1980s Sensation, Has Backfired

A long decline in interest rates caused premiums to soar when they were supposed to stay level.

The FACTS are in and they support everything we’ve been teaching!

We do NOT use universal-life (UL) or the even more risky variable universal life (VUL) and indexed universal life (IUL) products at Vault AIS™.


We have taught for years that they are risky and gambling in a very real and potentially tragic way.

  • Nicholas Vertullo 85 years old: “These life policies were quicksand”

Today the startling and factual admission by Wall Street and the Dow Jones that they have known since the early 90s that this type of policy was not financially stable!


YET the industry is still selling them!

Sure there are more regulations, more spins, more risky options.
But in the end, they all have the same problems!

Here is one example from the release.  (Click here to read the full article)

Bernice Sack, 94 years old. “Ice-cream is a splurge”

  • Bernice is now paying over 5 time more in premiums than when she started her policy 35 years ago.
  • She has paid approx $39,000 in premium.
  • That’s more than the $21,000 death benefit.
  • Worse than that, she has no cash value left, so if she misses a payment she defaults and loses it all.

Bernice’s biggest choice each month is to buy medicating and lose her ability to pay for her funeral. Or skimp on medications to pay the ever-growing insurance bill.

Again from the article:

John Resnick, the co-author of an American Bar Association book on life insurance, said of hundreds of older policies he has reviewed over a decade, “easily 90% or more actually were in trouble or soon to be in trouble.” Many people “are sitting on a ticking time bomb, and most probably aren’t aware of it,”

5 principles to govern your Vault:

  1. Your Vault is not secure if you are gambling.
  2. You are gambling if you are trusting a stock, bong, market, or anything other than your own production.
  3. “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” You are your #1 Asset.
  4. Is it Secure, Liquid, and Protected?  How do you know? ASK Questions!
  5. When it comes to your Vault, Know rather than hope.

This is the first of two blog posts.
Get ready for next week’s showdown: Whole Life Vs Universal Life.

How 200 years of success and stability outlasted 40 years of Gambling.

We are going to show you exactly how the Vault you have secured using the AIS Triangle™ avoids every problem discussed in this article.

If you have any question call me, email me, text me!

Don’t just hope.