This last year I developed a slight fear of dying. It was not fun. I would wake up in the night thinking about it. Go to bed thinking about it. Have it pop into my mind at random times throughout the day.

I’ve had a few people I know, friends and clients, who have recently suffered from a heart attack.

Thank God none of them fatal. Open heart surgery none the less.

Talk about a wakeup call.

Men all around my age. I’m 52.
Stress being the major contributing factor.

Side note, I met with a couple of these men years prior to their heart attacks. I talked with them about transferring the risk of death to a life insurance company and they opted not to take my advice.
Now they are uninsurable.

They permanently eliminated the choice to purchase life insurance on their life moving forward. No longer an option for them.

Please learn from this. Do not wait until it’s too late.

This email is and is not about life insurance.

It’s about dying but it’s also about living.

Living a long healthy life.

I want to live a long healthy life.

2023 was a year of deep consciousness work for me. Lots of deep introspective soul work. Working on the liabilities side of my HLV balance sheet more than ever before.  Human Life Value.

Limiting beliefs. Past trauma that I’ve stored some deep negative energy around.

Speaking of HLV, have you all read my new book – What We’re Worth?

I know many of you have. And thank you for the generous testimonials on Amazon. I appreciate it. It really is my life message to the world on the worth of a Human Life.

Self-worth and Self-care.

Pick up a copy for yourself or to send to someone.

For 2024 Longevity is the main key word for me. Longevity focused in all areas of life.

I want to live a long healthy life. A wealthy life. Wealthy in all areas of life. My health and strength. Mental and physical.

My mindset. Consciousness. My HLV.

The spiritual side of my life. Heart and soul.

My relationships. Immediate family. Extended family including our close friends and all of you, our abundant minded clients.
In business. Not only what I live but also what I share with all of you. The AIS Triangle at the core.

A fun thing Wendy and I started this new year is Cold Plunging. Our son got us interested then we made it a target, a goal for the new year. Longevity focused. Health is the true wealth.

5 days a week we get into the 40-degree water for 2.5min each time. 5 days a week. So far so good. We are on week 5 now.

It’s not fun getting in. lol It’s cold. We shiver. We use breath work to calm ourselves down. A thermal barrier starts to form around us.

Inspired by our son and then backed up by science. We like Andrew Huberman. We listen to the Huberman Lab podcast. It’s all about science and health related topics.

One of his episodes he interviews David Goggins. That guy is a superman for sure. Wow! In the episode they talk about a part of the brain that we can develop by doing things we don’t want to do. Things that stretch us. Things we resist. Hard things.

I’m using my own words above to describe what I heard. As we do these things, that part of our brain grows. Strengthens. Just like a muscle does when we exercise it. Consistency is key.

Cold plunging is that for Wendy and me.

Haha You should have seen me. When I first thought about cold plunging I was not committed. I’d walk out there. Step into the water, the shock was so great I would immediately get right back out.

Then I committed. It hurt at first. Again, breath work helps. Focusing on the exhale.

I also think about heating the water up around me. Mental strength exercises.

This 2.5 min cold plunge 5+ days a week has had a ripple effect in my life.

First off when I get out, yes, I’m somewhat numb, but I feel amazing! Jumping up and down. Yelling out.
Energized! Focused! Clear! Ready to go. Always feel a bring it on mindset.

I crave it in a way now. It’s a mental game for sure. I resist every time because it sucks getting in but feels amazing getting out.

Procrastination for me has gone down.

What I tolerated in my life has also gone down.

It really has been a game changer for me. It’s created a massive ripple effect in mine and my family’s life.

Permanent Whole Life insurance is a game changer also for us and creates a ripple effect for us.
When we are in our accumulation years of life, we can leverage the death benefit for income replacement God forbid we die at an early age of life.

The cash value provides the safest place and most efficient place for you and me to store our cash with the highest guaranteed rate of return on a tax free basis. We can leverage this peace of mind.

We have a no question asked loan feature where we can borrow money from the life insurance company using our cash value as collateral not breaking the compound interest growth curve of our money. Banking with our money. Paying ourselves the spread on that loan creating a very high rate of return.

Longevity focused. The death benefit of our policies is like equity in real estate during the later years of our life. We can spend it and leave it to our estate for future generations ensuring a legacy for our kids. Grandkids and great grandkids.

What a beautiful way to live. Waking up daily with this prosperity, legacy focused mindset.
I know. It’s not only our kids but also grandkids now in our life and it’s a beautiful purposeful way to think and act on a daily basis.

Here’s to doing challenging things, living on purpose and legacy thinking!