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Executing a Living Will or a Family Trust.

Because no one wants to talk about dying, so we avoid it or put it off
I get it. I put it off for years also.

Let’s first talk about living.
The odds are way in our favor that if we are healthy today we will live a long life.
However, we all know of someone who died at an earlier age in life.

Estate planning is for YOU but it’s also for those you care about. Those that you want your estate to go to when you pass on.

Do it out of self interest.
Write a current living will.
Execute a family trust.
Keep them up to date.

Why out of self interest, you ask?
When you don’t have this in place you are constantly thinking about it. Time wasted.
Time you could be using to:

  • Produce
  • Be present
  • Enjoy what is more around you.

We all want it. We just don’t want to deal with it. Think about it.

This email today is to encourage and inspire you to take action in this area of your life out of self interest.

When we know, versus hope, we can leverage that *knowing* to produce at higher levels, create more value for others, focus at greater depths, and enjoy our life more.

THIS IS TRUE. You deserve to have this in your life.

Pause, close your eyes and think about what’s most important to you.
It’s likely your spouse, kids, significant other, family, those closest to you.
If you don’t make the decisions while you’re alive, the state you live in will make them for you.
It also allows you to gain clarity on what’s most important to you and your spouse and family. 

Gain the clarity.
The peace of mind.
Know versus hope that when you pass your estate will live on for future generations.
In your name.
A legacy. 

Wake up on a daily basis with more purpose than ever before knowing that when you pass on, not if, when you pass on, that your life mattered.

Strip it all away and it comes down to feeling worthy.
You are worthy of this in your life. You know this deep down.


What to do?
We are in no way offering legal advise and want to be clear that we recommend an estate planning attorney to guide you in this area.

The most basic first step is to hand write a will. We have a basic example for you to reference at the end of the email.

Do you have a copy of What Would The Rockefeller’s Do? then read or re-read chapter 12 on estate planning. If you do not have a copy, please reply to this email so we can get one out to you.

Take your life, your family’s life to the next level.
If your kids are 18 or older they are an adult. They need and will want this also.
Just a simple will, if something happens to me I want….. health care, power of attorney, if I become incapacitated, etc.
You should want someone you trust, not the state you live in, to make these decisions for you.

It really is about love.
Self interest.
Seeing yourself as the # 1 Asset in your life.
Lead by example.
Live a life worthy of leaving a legacy.
You will wake up with more purpose on a daily basis when you have completed your estate planning.

Need a referral to a professional to assist you with this? Simply respond to this email and we are happy to set that up.


To download the basic will example Click Here