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Everything seems to change so quickly these days.

Today, I STOPPED and thought, well… okay, so what is the same?

I know my love for my family is not changing…
I know my Vaults are not changing…

My commitment to health is only increasing…

My love and commitment to clients is not changing…
If anything, that love and commitment is ever increasing!

What an amazing time to stop, reflect.

This is part of what I call Positive Focus.
I’ll talk about that in the video, but also here is a PDF, used by permission by my friends at Strategic Coach, that will teach you all about Positive Focus!

Don’t miss it, it’s powerful!

Listen to the audio file HERE.

In the video I talked about 3 specific recourses:

  1. The “Positive Focus” PDF
  2. The Family Finance Guide PDF
  3. The Vault AIS™ Blog

Now is the perfect time to use these two documents to build confidence and clarity in these trying times.

You are welcome to share this video and these two documents with ANYONE you feel they will help.

I am opening my calendar to ANYONE who would like to talk about how Coronavirus or the “market” is affecting their financial health.

We are committed to helping ALL get through this uniquely challenging time.

  • Simply forward this email to anyone you feel could use the information,
  • Have them call our office 435-656-3882,
  • or send an Email to lacey@vaultais.com