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Fact or Fiction?

Want to play?

OK cool, let’s play a little game.

No, it’s not spin the bottle or twister.

Save those for the next weekend party or family getaway.

Today it’s what’s true for you and what’s not true for you around the topic of money finance and banking.

I’ve got my set of truths.

This is for you.

Ask yourself after each one of these if this is fact or fiction for you.

Follow up each one with this too, would I want that?

Let’s get started, you ready?

  • When I have a surplus of cash I can pay for crucial capabilities.
  • Crucial capabilities enhance the life saving value I bring to the market place.
  • When I have a written, clear, empowering Target around my money I am more likely to hit it.
  • Why I define my WHY around my targets I am significantly more empowered to make it happen.
  • This empowerment has a ripple effect in my life and the lives around me that I’m blessed to come in contact with.
  • I am accountable for creating the environments around me conducive to who I am and what I want.
  • My written targets are coordinated with all my other money decisions.
  • My plan is a macroeconomic plan not microeconomic.
  • When I am clear about my WHY around money, finance and banking in my life I create more, expand more and grow more. This fulfills me the most and creates the most for others around me.
  • I must get real with where I am today in order to make and/or set any target that is of any relevance in my life.
  • When I live a life of significance I am in love with my life. I am fulfilled at a deep level and the ripple effect I create is huge.
  • I know what I want financially.
  • I have written targets; 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 1 year, 5 year and 10 year targets that inspire me.
  • My environment is conducive to these targets.
  • I wake up each day empowered by my targets. I leverage this to create, expand and grow more in all areas of my life.
  • I recognize the significant role money, finance and money play in my life.
  • Money is a tool to utilize to expand more of who I am.
  • Money is a receipt for the value I produce in the market place.
  • I have a healthy relationship with money.
  • Money flows to me and I respect it.
  • I am a wise steward over my money.
  • I have a personal banking system set up to utilize for future money decisions I am going to make anyway. I am the bank. I pay myself versus a financial institution. This creates a high rate of return for me.
  • I am not affected by the turbulent stock market derailing me from producing at the highest level in my #1 Investment. My business/career.
  • I am my #1 asset.
  • People are assets things are not.
  • Human life value is the source and creator of all property value.
  • Perspective determines action.
  • My perspective is that of abundance.
  • There will always be a way.
  • I extract lessons from all areas of my life.

OK, how was that?

I hope this is of value to you.

Let me know if it is.

Let me know by sharing this up with those you think would receive value from it.


Michael Isom