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As I looked up into the sky, what I saw was a small white ball. 

I was anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time. 

That white ball was the pilot chute behind my daughter’s parachute. This was her 16th birthday. She had talked about this experience for months, and now it was here. I was witnessing my 16-year-old daughter jumping out of an airplane and falling from the sky. As her dad, it was an intense, exhilarating experience.

As she fell, my eyes were glued to that white ball. That was my daughter. I had no control of anything that would happen for the next 10 minutes. I was wondering what she was thinking, what was she experiencing? Was she also nervous and anxious like I was? Was she fearing for her life? Or, was she just excited to be having this experience?

You can imagine the relief I felt when after about 20 seconds of free-fall, her parachute opened. I was relieved. The scariest part for me was over.

Or was it?

She landed safely, but now it was my turn.

As a husband, and father of 5 children, I had originally told her no, that I wouldn’t be doing this with her right now, not until all of her siblings were grown and out of the house.

I imagined the worst. What if I went skydiving and died, leaving behind my wife and 5 kids?

After months of thinking about this and hearing my daughter bring up skydiving often, in the last week before her 16th birthday, I made the decision to skydive with her.

I wasn’t scared or fearful. I was excited! Skydiving was on my bucket list. I was thrilled about jumping, and that I was actually going to have the opportunity to do it!

I jumped!

It was INCREDIBLE! It was AMAZING! It was something I highly recommend everyone do. It was a lifetime experience that words can’t fully describe.

What helped with my decision was that I knew that if I did die skydiving, my family was protected.

You see, there are people out there that won’t experience things in life because of fear. We all have it. But I submit to you that with a plan in place, fear can be replaced with peace of mind.

I have a plan in place and that plan ensures that my wife and kids, and grandkids thereafter, will be taken care of financially.

I own the maximum amount of life insurance possible. I do this for protection. I’ve learned that protection leads to greater production. When you have the maximum, you have more certainty.

This plan has given me a huge amount of peace of mind.

What is your maximum?

I’ve learned that it is better to go through life with the peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of the best way possible if something were to happen to me.

We are all going to die. We just don’t know when and we don’t know how. But, like it or not, it will happen.

Do you have a plan?

Look around. The world is in chaos. Terrorism is on the rise. The stock markets are in extreme volatility. Wars and rumors of wars. The US has climbing debt. There’s more money going out of Social Security than going in. The increasing possibility of economic collapse. The chaos goes on and on…

However, there are a lot of amazing things happening too; technology advancements, innovation, medical advancements, more conveniences than ever before, and best of all, relationships with family and friends.

You can choose to make your world a great place.

However, there is uncertainty, and in an uncertain world, take action to protect yourself and your family. I’m an advocate of insuring against risk and financial disaster. I’m also an advocate of protecting yourself through the use of insurance. In other words, transfer your risk to someone else.

I transfer the risk of me dying to a life insurance company. Not only that, I insure that money going into life insurance grows, guaranteed, year after year. This is a plan with certainty.

Certainty, when understood correctly, has huge economic value!

The certainty I have in my plan allows me to do things I may not do. It allows me to be more creative. It allows me more freedom. It allows me to grow money outside of Wall Street.

My plan allowed me to have an incredible experience with my daughter and more peace of mind to jump out of an airplane!


Barry Brooksby