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Today, I am heartbroken reading about the young Alexander E. Kearns.
Money and Finance play a major role in our lives. 

I’m reminded of times when all of the noise about money in my life brought me to the floor contemplating the value of my own life.

What happened,

As Covid-19 ushered in “stay at home” practices across the nation and the world, many people became bored and lost focus on their careers, businesses, educations, family, spouse, etc…

When people get bored, they start to look outside of themselves for answers.

Free online stock trading platforms like the “Robinhood app” have seen huge increases in amateur trading activity as a result of the pandemic shutdown.

According to Daily Mail, professional trader Leon Cooperman said that this type of trading will “end in tears”.

And that’s exactly what happened for Alex,

Apparently, even though Alex saw a negative balance of over $730,000 on Friday, that was not actually the amount he owed.  Known as the “Infinite margin glitch”, that number could have changed for the better on Monday when the “options settle”…

The point is, he didn’t know what he was looking at nor how to understand what was showing.

It wasn’t his area of expertise.

But that didn’t change the reality of how he felt physically.

The result is a terrifying display of what can happen when we get tangled in something that is outside of our AIS Triangle™.

  • #1 Asset
  • #1 Investment
  • #1 Strategy

As one client recently put it:
“Ah-ha, I get it, AIS Triangle is a filter I can use to simplify and remove the distractions so I can focus on my #1 Investment.”

If you are bored in any area of your life, STOP and ask yourself:

  1. What can I do to increase my personal stock value?  [My education and human life value]
  2. How can I focus more on my #1 Investment, my business, and/or career? [The thing that I have the most knowledge, experience, and expertise in]
  3. If it is time to put cash somewhere outside of my control, how can I ensure that it is guaranteed, protected, and liquid?

Again, I am sad that the noise, confusion, and hype of the mainstream market had a hand in ending the life of a young adult student from the University of Nebraska.

The temptation to gamble is HUGE when you get bored!

Remember to stay active in love with your business, your family, and most importantly your spouse…
In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom