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I see myself as the #1 Asset.
I invest daily in myself.

My personal confidence level is high due to my ability to get up each day and create.

I am purpose driven in my personal and business life.

I live a life fulfilled, thinking creatively, committed to expansion in every area of my life.

Money invested in Wall Street = I am bored in my current Business/Career.

Money in stocks and mutual funds sends a message to me that they are the solution versus me. This is a slippery slope. It affects my personal peace of mind.

Wall Street = death to my ability to create, grow, and expand.

When I stop creating, growing, and expanding I get bored and do stupid shit in order to go back in and create grow and expand.

Creating, Growing, and Expanding fulfill me at the deepest levels and it is also what creates the most for those around me.

When I live The AIS Triangle™ I feel alive. I am purpose driven. I seek daily ways to invest in marketing, sales, systems, and leadership.

I invest in people.

People are the Asset, not things.

I am in the business of building people. Yes, this goes for any business.

I understand and utilize the #1 Strategy in the market today with money I am not putting into my business and myself.
These are my Vaults.

Vaults are where I keep my cash.

Cash is King.

I leverage The Economic Value of Certainty in my life (EVOC)

I know, versus hope, that my money will be there.

This certainty allows me, more than ever before, to invest in my #1 Asset and my #1 Investment.

I know I am the Solution.

No one is coming to save me when it comes to money in my life.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™