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This list of audio presentations has been created to help those seeking to increase their financial scorecard in the 10 key areas of money and finance.

If you are unsure about where you are mentally in the 10 key areas of money and finance, we invite you to take the Vault AIS™ Financial Self-Assessment to discover your financial strengths as well as opportunities.

The audio files listed on this page have been selected by Vault AIS™ founder and CEO, Michael G Isom, for their pertinence to the current 2020 worldwide economy.

We welcome all, seeking to increase their financial awareness, to listen and learn from these presentations. However, neither Vault AIS™, these audio files, nor Vault AIS™ representatives give legal, accounting, or tax advice or interpretation.  Please consult your legal, accounting, or tax advisor for such advice.

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3 Ways We Finance  “Uninterrupted Compounding”

In this audio version of Michael G Isom’s 2017 article, 3 Ways We Finance, Michael outlines the three distinct ways that people use to finance big-ticket items.

  1. Withdrawing capital
  2. Taking a loan from a bank or credit agency
  3. The “Holy Grail” of finance.

Download a PDF copy of “3 ways We Finance”  HERE.

The Economic Value of Certainty

ec·o·nom·ics (ēkəˈnämiks)
“The Science of Scarcity.”

Originally written by Les McGuire, MBA in 2003, The Economic Value of Certainty is an engaging article that uncovers the macroeconomic shortcomings found in the prevailing methodologies of typical financial and insurance planning.

Download a PDF copy of “The Economic Value of Certainty” HERE.

Excerpt from

The AIS Triangle™” Masterclass

In this audio clip, Michael G Isom shares real-life applications and in-depth details about the AIS Triangle™

  • #1 Asset
  • #1 Investment
  • #1 Strategy

“If you don’t have control or human life value, knowledge, and expertise in that area, it’s not a #1 Investment for you.”

The Safest Place on the Planet for Your Money

Originally adapted by Michael G Isom in 2017, The Safest Place on the Planet for Your Money explains how and why Vault AIS™ associates with “the world’s safest industry”, an elite subclass of life insurance companies that have been around for well over 100 years.  They are the oldest companies in America and you have probably never heard of them.

They are not publicly traded and it is illegal to acquire one of them, yet they are a pivotal part of upper-class wealth building.

Download a PDF copy of “The Safest Place on the Planet for Your Money” HERE.

Investing Vs Saving

Investing is not saving, it’s a totally different strategy.

In this article,  Michael G Isom explores  in detail the differences between saving and investing, including some surprising 2020 data.

Download a PDF copy of “Investing Vs Saving” HERE.

The “8 Cow” Philosophy

Your Property, Productivity, and Prosperity are compromised if you don’t take this one step to prove your economic value.

From the Vault AIS™ Blog “I traded 8 cows for my wife, and never looked back.”  (Sep 27, 2018)

Adapted and paraphrased from –  8 Cow Wife, by Patricia McGerr, 1965.