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Strategy affects Assets.

Are you driving down the road with bald tires or are you driving down the road with tires that are newer, and you know that you have good tread?

What confidence does that give you?

What confidence do you have with where your money is?

How is that confidence, or lack of confidence, showing up in other areas of your life?

Is it creating momentum for you?

Are you committed to a life of expansion and growth? Is it possible to do something different than what you’re doing, to eliminate that risk and in exchange gain more peace of mind?

This week’s video is all about how your #1 Strategy affects you as your #1 Asset.

Just this morning I met with a couple.

During the discussion, we learned that they have some cash going out to an area where they have no control.

They were taking some risk on that cash.

What they said to me was, “It’s stressing me out and I think about it constantly.”

“I’m constantly thinking about where that money is, could I lose it?”

“I don’t understand it.”

“I have no expertise, purpose, passion where that money is and it’s at risk.”

I said,  “Is that affecting not only in your business and your career to continue to produce at a higher level?”

The words that they used were: “It’s affecting our peace of mind!”

What does it cost in your life either personally or professionally if you have cash that’s at risk? Where you have no knowledge expertise purpose or passion.

It’s affecting your peace of mind!

What would you pay?

What would you do to eliminate that and give you the peace of mind that would allow you to enjoy life more and to be more present in your daily interactions, personally and professionally?

Watch the 6 min video. Then let me know your thoughts on FaceBook.