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Assets affect Investments.

We wake up each day and we do certain things, or we don’t do certain things

To put ourselves into power, or to take ourselves out of power,

The choices that we make, foods that we eat, supplements that we take, exercise that we do or don’t do in our life.

Why am I talking about all of this?
I’m talking about all of this because when you are clear in your own life about you being the #1 asset and taking care of yourself first, you have the most to offer to those around you.

When you take care of yourself, you’re healthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, you have more to offer.

You have a greater source of power within yourself that you can then use to go out and exchange with other people around you.

You are the #1 asset, not anything else.
How do you take that mindset into the world and exchange and to think about investments that you can make with your time, with your money, with your talents, with your purpose, with your passion?

You make investments from yourself into your career, and you can make them into your business.

For me, at a deep fundamental level, I’m accountable.

I’m responsible to create big business in the marketplace.

What if I was still sick at home on the couch?

  • I wouldn’t feel creative.
  • I wouldn’t feel motivated.
  • I wouldn’t have these thoughts of coming in here to exchange and share this message with you.

Taking care of ourselves directly affects the outputs and the output that I’m talking about here specifically today is that of your #1 investment.

The #1 Investment that you could ever have in your life is something that you control and something that utilizes your human life value assets the most.
It’s your career or your own business.

If you have money or time or attention or focus going out in some other area that you:

  • don’t control,
  • don’t have energy,
  • don’t have purpose,
  • don’t have passion,
  • don’t have expertise in,

That’s a big gamble. Stop it.
Stop gambling with your time and money.

I gambled the end of ’07 when I was putting money, time, and energy in an area where I had no purpose, no passion, no expertise, no education, and I lost. I lost not only the money but also time I spent away from my family.

Be crystal clear that you are the #1 asset and your business or your career is your #1 investment and then go to work on that.

If there is any area of your life that’s derailing you from focusing on yourself and your business / career, look for ways to stop that.
Look for ways to slow that distraction down or to transfer it to somebody else that is an expert in that area.

Get clear.
Write down the things that you have the most purpose and passion in. Then focus on that and put your time energy into the items on that list.

Develop yourself more.
Take that development into yourself, into the marketplace, into your career, into your own business.

Do bigger business.
Create more marketing, more sales, more systems, more processes in the area that you control as the result of you investing in yourself.

You invest in yourself as the #1 asset and then you take that into your business as the #1 investment, you’re clear about that.

Don’t have money, time, energy or anything else going into other areas that you don’t control.

#1 Asset is you.
#1 Investment is your own business.
#1 Strategy is what you do with your money if you can’t put it into yourself or into your own business.

That is to say,  Keep your cash guaranteed, protected, and liquid! 
Keep it inside your Vault™.